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How to Recover Deleted Photos on Huawei Phone

Summary: This post shares the best possible photo recovery methods to retrieve deleted photos from Huawei smartphones.

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Huawei Phone How to Recover Deleted Photos on Huawei Phone
The latest Huawei smartphones have a fantastic camera app. No wonder, Huawei users trust their device for capturing important moments in life. But it gets annoying when you lose high-quality pictures from your smartphone due to accidental deletion. You may freak out looking for ways to recover deleted photos on Huawei phone. ‘I accidentally deleted all the March month’s photos from Gallery on my Huawei P10. Those were my daughter’s birthday pictures. How should I recover photos from Huawei phone? I can’t afford to lose them.’ Focussing on the problem, You can apply these methods to recover deleted photos from any model of Huawei phone including Huawei P9 Lite, P10 Lite, P20 Pro, Huawei Mate and others.

How to recover deleted photos from Huawei smartphone

recover photos from huawei smartphones
There are various photo recovery methods for Huawei smartphones, which you can try. Recovery from backup definitely tops the list. Additionally, certain built-in features in the Huawei phones can also help you retrieve your mobile phone pictures. 5 Ways to recover deleted photos from Huawei smartphone
  1. Retrieve from Recently Deleted album
  2. Retrieve from Huawei backup app
  3. Recover from Huawei HiSuite
  4. Recover from Google Photos app
  5. Use Huawei photo recovery tool
Method 1: Retrieve from Recently Deleted album When you delete a photo from Huawei mobile phone, they are not permanently removed from the device. The Huawei phones have a useful feature – ‘Recently Deleted.’ The deleted photos and videos remain for 30 days in this album in the Gallery app. Thus, you can check for your deleted photos in the Recently Deleted album in Huawei smartphones and restore from there. Method 2: Retrieve from Huawei backup app All Huawei phones have a built-in backup app. You can easily restore the lost or deleted photos from the backup function onto your phone. Steps to restore photos from Huawei Backup:
  • Click on the Backup app on your Huawei phone
  • Click Restore
restore photos from Huawei Phone Backup
  • Choose the location from where the photos are to be restored
  • Click Next
  • Select Photos
  • Click Start restoration
Note: For different models of Huawei, the onscreen instructions for Backup app may vary a little. Method 3: Recover from Huawei HiSuite Are you using Huawei HiSuite? HiSuite is an Android Smart Device Manager developed by Huawei. Among many of its functions, is the backup feature for your Huawei smartphone. If you have enabled the HiSuite backup option, restore the deleted photos on your Mac or Windows PC from there. Steps to restore photos from HiSuite:
  • Open HiSuite on your computer
restore photos from HiSuite
  • Click on Restore to go to restoration window
  • Select the backup file. Choose Photos option
  • Click Restore
Method 4: Huawei phone photo recovery tool Can’t find deleted photos in Recently Deleted or don’t have a backup? Take help of a Huawei phone photo recovery software to get back the lost pictures from the smartphone memory card. Huawei photo recovery software – Stellar Photo Recovery provides an easy and fast way to recover deleted photos from the phone’s memory card. It works on all Huawei phone models including Huawei P 10, Huawei P20, Huawei Mate Pro, Huawei X, and Honor. The software recovers deleted or missing photos from all kinds of memory cards used in the smartphones. It supports the new Huawei Nano memory card recovery too. The software can also restore lost images from a corrupt or formatted Huawei SD card. Stellar Photo Recovery is available for both Mac and Windows computers. In addition, the software can recover videos and audio from Android SD phone card. You can try the free version of the Huawei recovery software here

Photo Recovery photo recovery mac

Steps to recover photos from Huawei phone SD card
  • Download and Launch Stellar Photo Recovery software
  • Connect the Huawei SD card to computer via card reader
  • Select Huawei SD card from the location window. Click Scan
Stellar Photo Recovery Standard
  • Click ‘Scan’ and wait until the scan process finishes.
Stellar Photo Recovery - Scanning Huawei SD card
  • A list of found photos appears. Preview, Click Recover and Save at the desired location.
Stellar Photo Preview Screen
Method 5: Recover from Google Photos app Do you use Google Photos on your Huawei smartphone? Retrieve the deleted photos from this application. Google Photos keep the photos for 60 days in its Trash or Bin, after which it permanently deletes the photos. Steps to recover photos from Google Photos
  • Open Google Photos on your phone
  • At the top left, click on Menu > Trash
  • Select the photos to recover in the trash folder
  • Click Restore
Wrapping Up Unlike other Android phones, Huawei protects its users’ data including photos with the help of various applications and features. You can recover the lost photos of the smartphone from the Recently Deleted album, which keeps the deleted photos for 30 days. You may also find the missing photos in the built-in Backup app on Huawei phones. Further, Huawei has developed its own Android phone data manager – HiSuite, which has a backup feature, so, the lost photos can be restored from there too. But the Backup app, HiSuite, or Google Photos are photo recovery methods that will only work when you have maintained the photos’ backup. But, the photo loss situation is worse, when there is no backup. Then the only way to restore the deleted photos in Huawei phones is with the help of photo recovery software – Stellar Photo Recovery. It recovers your lost or deleted photos from any kind of SD cards including Nano SD cards used in Huawei phones. The software is secure, fast, and easy-to-use. Watch this video to know the step-by-step process of recovering from SD Card-
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