7 Early Warning Signs of Hard Drive Failure

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them

one of the most amazing brainy quotes by Isaac Asimov

It clearly states that you should not panic or feel alarmed about systems taking over, but worry or concern about the condition when they fail you and take your all-important files along with them.

Indeed, like most other devices, the hard drive is an integral part of the computer system and has a lifespan too, but sadly, you won’t be able to judge its exact failure time and when it happens, it brings the whole computer to halt and makes the data inaccessible.

This is why it is highly imperative to perform data backup to avoid further annoyance.

Hard Drive Failure Period

Broadly speaking, the hard drive fails at two points:

First: At Very Beginning

The reason for this hard drive failure is a manufacturing defect. You can easily encounter it within a short period. Though using stringent quality control and testing methods, it has reduced a lot yet; it can still happen.

Second: At the Moment it is Nearing to End

There is no specific reason for this. Usually, these types of failures occur after 3 to 4 years of usage. But, one point is sure, i.e. it indicates some signs. These signs are a clue that your storage device is about to expire.

Here is a comprehensive guide about 7 early signs of Hard Drive Failure

SymptomPossible causeData Protection Steps
System crashes (either often or under heavy use).CPU or memory overheating.Backup your data immediately.
Bad sectors on hard disk drive.Run computer, memory, or hard drive diagnostic.
Verify dust build up in the computer’s ventilation areas.
System Takes Excessively Longer Time than Anticipated to boot.Hardware FailureBackup your drive into an external drive instantaneously.
Hard drive failure.Execute System Diagnostic.
Failing sections on the Hard Drive.
Missing FilesFile System Corruption.Backup rest of the data straightway.
Virus attack.
Hard disk drive failure.
File explorer consuming excessively long period to display folder contents.File System Corruption.Backup your Data.
SMART errors indicated by Hard Disk Drive Diagnostic.Logical as well as Physical Errors.Backup your data.
Copy data to the new hard disk drive.
Blue Screen of Death.Software or Hardware Issues.Use Windows operating system Repair Install.
Remove bad device driver.
BIOS fail to detect the hard drive.Use of unreliable power source.Use a branded UPS
Either too high or too low Power Supply for UPS.Switch off system when not required.

How to recover data if you failed to backup your data and your DIY hacks did not solve the issue?

Go for software directed approach!

Wondering, which software to choose?

Majorly, a number of tools are available in the market to take up the request. But, you should choose a software that is reliable, secure, powerful, and efficient at the same time. Example of one such software is Stellar Data Recovery Professional. A sure-shot solution to recover lost or deleted data. Plus, this software allows you to recover formatted partition.

How does Stellar Data Recovery Professional work?

Free download
  • Download, Install, Register and Launch the software
  • Choose the Type of Data that you want to recover from the available options and click Next.
  • Choose the desired location from where you want to restore the data.
  • Click Scan to start scanning.
  • Preview the found files.
  • Click Recover, specify the Destination and click Start Saving to restore the lost or inaccessible data.

This completes the recovery process.

Final Thoughts

Always remember these early hard drive failure signs and protect yourself from unavoidable situations.

Whether talk about hard drive failure, hard drive data loss or its recovery, none of these are new. The only point of consideration is an approach to handle it. Usually, with back up the issue can be resolved with great ease. But, if you don’t have a backup, don’t worry. Count on this comprehensive all-in-one solution to recover your lost data.

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