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All New Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery to Revolutionize Your Data Recovery Experience

There are tens of thousands of businesses and home users seeking to address everyday data loss challenges. To answer data loss crisis, market is flooded with data recovery solutions that do more harm than good. Amongst these software packages, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is far above its competitors. Stellar, the worldwide leader in data recovery domain introduced the sixth major upgrade to this software that seems as a forward step in the evolution of data recovery solutions.

The new, revamped version of the tool provides rich data recovery platform combined with optimal performance and easy-to-learn interface. The software targets all groups of users, including home, business, and advanced. The software will now help email users bring back to life their lost or deleted messages and other related data. The tool proves worthwhile even when your data is over a network, thanks to its ‘Remote Recovery’ feature. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery now extends support for RAID 0 and RAID 6 arrays in its Tech version that further adds to its usability.

New Features in Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery version 6:

• Recovers deleted emails of MS Outlook and Outlook Express data files
• ‘Remote Recovery’ to recover files from another system over a network
• Facilitates data recovery from RAID 0, RAID 5, and RAID 6 arrays
• Supports both Software RAID (levels 0, 5) and Hardware RAID (levels 0, 5, 6)
• All-new, faster, and optimized FAT file system scan engine
• Deleted file recovery in NTFS formatted partitions using journal entries

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is available in three versions: ‘Home’, ‘Professional’, and ‘Technician’. Each of these versions targets a different segment of users taking care of your diverse data recovery needs.

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