How Can I Retrieve Files Deleted During Antivirus Scanning

Summary : Has your anti-virus scan program deleted your critical files from your system? If yes, then, don’t worry! Antivirus deleted files recovery solutions are there to help. Download the Stellar data recovery software for all your lost or deleted files recovery solutions.

How Can I Retrieve Files Deleted During Antivirus Scanning

Before we look into how to retrieve files deleted during antivirus scanning, let us delve into the antivirus files deletion situation with an example —

Picture a situation where you connected your USB Pen Drive to your system and scanned it using an antivirus program. As a consequence of scanning, you detected a virus. To remove the virus, you attempted Move to Chest option but failed. Next, you selected the Delete option which worked. However, after removing the virus successfully you accessed your system and found that several critical files including Excel spreadsheets, Presentations, Documents, Videos, Photos, Audio, etc. are missing.

Now, the question arises as to how these files can be recovered?

There are two possible solutions to regain deleted files after an anti-virus scan.

  1. Manual Solution
  2. Software Solution

Let us consider each of them:

1. Manual Solution

Method 1: Backup

One of the most common options to restore lost or deleted files without any hassle. The only point to take into account is to have a backup at regular intervals.

Steps are as follows:

  • Click on your Backup Storage Unit.
  • Select the desired files.
  • Move the specific files to the user-defined location.

Limitation: You need to have the latest backup

Method 2: Retrieve Files Using cmd Command

Retrieve Files Using cmd Command

Steps are as follows:

  • Press Windows Key + R.
  • Type cmd
  • Click on Enter button.
  • Open cmd command line.
  • Under command line, type in “attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive letter:*.*
  • Now, let command prompt execute the code. (If the command prompt lets you enter the new command, then it has executed).
  • Next, check your flash drive. It will indicate all files or folders. From here, choose the desired file and delete the rest.

Limitation: This requires a bit of technical know-how.

2. Software Solution

Method 1: Third Party Recovery Tool

Third-party recovery tools are software-oriented approaches intended to recover lost or deleted data. One such recovery tool is Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows which is embedded with advanced algorithm to efficiently recover files deleted during the Antivirus scanning.

With intuitive user-interface, the recovery process is quite straightforward and does not demand technical expertise. In addition, you can retrieve deleted files from different storage devices such as USB, Flash drive, HDD, SD cards, etc.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows also has “RAW Recovery” feature which searches for deleted files based on file signatures and is a highly preferred solution to retrieve files deleted during antivirus scanning.

Powerful, Efficient, Secure, Easy, and Reliable are five key traits that best describe Stellar Data Recovery Professional. This all-in-one software allows you to regain lost or deleted file or formatted partitions. You can use it to recover all type of files be it Photos, Videos, Audios, Documents, Excel spreadsheets, Presentations, etc.

Its Prominent Features:

  • Latest OS compatibility
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Inbuilt cutting-edge Recovery Algorithms
  • Compatibility with several Storage Devices such as memory card, hard drive, SD card, USB flash drive, and pen drive
  • Use of File unique Signature to search and recover files lost due to Antivirus Scan program

How to Restore Files Deleted by Antivirus?

Free download

Sequential Guide:

  • After installing the software, run it and, choose the desired data item for recovery.
  • Select the location from where you have lost files after anti-virus scan.
  • Click Scan to generate a Tree-view of all the recoverable files.
  • Select the desired files from the list and view its Preview. After Preview, checkmark all the desired files for saving.
  • Click Recover, specify the Destination where you want to save the desired files and click on Start Saving.

Few Tips to Avoid Data Loss Due To Anti-Virus Scan Program

  • Say No to download from unsecured sites.
  • Make sure to use authentic antivirus software.
  • Backup Files and Folders prior to executing an antivirus scan.

The Final Word

While on one hand, considering users needs and fast-evolving technology in mind, Technocrats are developing applications to manage memory space, enhance efficiency, and protect system data; similar to that in contrast, unethical experts like hackers are using this technology to develop programs like viruses that can damage the system or hinder its proper functionality.

To overcome the same and protect data, a data recovery software serve the purpose. Here Stellar Data Recovery Professional software is the key!

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