How to get Activation Key of Stellar Toolkit for Outlook?

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Summary: The licensed version of Stellar Toolkit for Outlook provides multiple features to manage Outlook data files and resolve the Outlook-related issues. For this reason, most Outlook Administrators stock an activated version of Outlook Toolkit. This multi-utility software consists of 8 different software to optimize and manage Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016 and earlier versions, which makes it more important for Outlook Administrators.

Whether it is an Outlook performance-related issue or a password lost problem, Stellar Outlook for Toolkit acts as a one-stop solution for Outlook Users. The toolkit is available with lifetime validity with a capacity to work on any number of Microsoft Outlook accounts.

Stellar Toolkit for Repair consists of 8 software, and all of these can be activated with a single Activation Key. An authentic Activation Key can be availed by contacting the Stellar customer care

The above-listed software are available with different features to resolve almost all Outlook data file related problems including recovery of a lost or forgotten password and conversion of OST to PST.

The process to get the Activation Key of Stellar Toolkit for Outlook includes:

  • Download the free Demo version of the software by using the below link.
Free download
  • Verify System Specifications. System specification is available on the webpage as ‘Software Specification.’

Once the system specifications are verified, proceed with software installation as per the instructions on the screen.

After successful installation, open the software, and the following screen appears:


Figure 1: Illustrates all eight components of Stellar Toolkit for Outlook

  •  Register and Get Activation Key of Stellar Toolkit for Outlook

To get the Activation Key online, click on the URL –

Alternatively, go to the webpage of Stellar Toolkit for Outlook and click the ‘Buy Now’ option. Then fill the required details and once the order is confirmed, Stellar Customer Care sends a ‘Serial Number’ via email, required to activate the software.

  • Activate the Software

Run the Downloaded Demo version of the software and click on Activation icon

The Activation window is displayed.

Figure 2: Illustrates Activation Window

Type the Activation Key and click Activate button

Figure 3: Illustrates the entry of activation Key

Once done, the software communicates with the License server to verify the Activation Key. If the entered key is valid, the software is activated successfully.

A message is displayed on the screen ‘Activation Completed Successfully.”

Alternatively, if the Activation Key is not available then follow these steps:

On the Activation menu, click the Activation button, and the activation window is displayed on the screen

Click the ‘Get it now’ button. You are directed to ‘Buy Now’ page of Stellar Toolkit for Outlook software.

Figure 4: Illustrates ‘Get it now’ button

Purchase the software and follow Step 3 and Step 4 to get the Activation Key and activate the software.

In case you find difficulty in activation the software then call our customer support: +1-877-778-6087 (Toll-Free) or email at:

Note: Never use the Crack Key for Activating Stellar Toolkit for Outlook. Using serial crack keys leads to the following unwanted situations:

  1. Exposes Outlook data files
  2. No updates are available.
  3. May contain bugs which force the user to remove the program from the system
  4. No technical support is available for the cracked software version
  5. Recovery in most cases is not as expected
  6. It is illegal to use a crack key
  7. In ultimate instances, it may result in system clash


Outlook data is critical for the user and therefore special care is needed to secure it from any malicious attack. Stellar Toolkit for Outlook serves this purpose well by offering comprehensive utilities to address almost all sorts of Outlook data file related problems. However, it’s recommended to strictly rely (download, install, and use) on genuine software to effectively forestall untoward incidents. This blog post provided simple and clear instructions on — how to install the licensed version of Stellar Toolkit for Outlook and activate the software with a valid activation key authorized by Stellar.

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