How to Overcome macOS Mojave Start-up Drive Problems?

This blog focuses on overcoming a few storage drive problems on macOS Mojave 10.14. Read on to know how you can solve the problems and safeguard your start-up disk drive and data from complete loss.

Start-up Drive Problems You Might Face on macOS Mojave

Mac computer has an internal solid-state drive, hard-disk drive, or fusion drive as a permanent data storage system. Below are the 3 issues that may bother your data storage unit:

  1. Start-up drive temperature rising: This is quite a common problem for hard-disk drives and solid-state drives. When the drive temperature goes beyond the threshold value, the affected drive might fail due to overheating.
  2. Bad sectors/blocks on storage drive: A storage drive can gather bad sectors/blocks due to usage and aging. The data stored on these bad areas of the drive is lost forever. As a result, the corrupt files may not open, have garbled content, or turn inaccessible.
  3. Unable to back up corrupt storage drive: A corrupt storage drive has damaged file system due to bad areas or other reasons, so you cannot access the stored data. Moreover, if you try to back up the corrupt drive, by using Time Machine or other backup solutions, the backup process might fail.

How to Solve Start-up Problems on macOS Mojave?

  1. Use Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology to know live-status of the connected storage drive and immediately shut down the device to avoid a further damage.
  2. Map the storage drive for bad sectors or blocks. If the drive has significant bad areas, then create a clone or an image of the corrupt storage drive to a healthy drive as a backup to avoid permanent data loss.
  3. Recover data by using an advanced data recovery software either by selecting the corrupt drive or by using the clone/image of the affected drive. Subsequently, replace the ailing drive with a new one and restore the recovered data. Read Topic: 10 Best Mojave Data Recovery Software 2019

The Best Solution to Solve Mojave’s Drive Problem

You can use several different applications to monitor SMART, check bad blocks, and recover data from a start-up disk of macOS Mojave. Or, use Stellar Data Recovery Premium — an advanced Mac data recovery software —to address all the 3 issues via a single interface.

Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac

Monitor Drive

Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac has an inbuilt Drive Monitor module that runs in the background and monitors the connected Mac storage drive in real-time. The module is comprised of several utilities such as Disk Status, Smart Status, Disk Partition, Scan Disk, and Clone Disk. Use the software to overcome the various storage drive problems with regard to macOS Mojave.

Data Recovery

Primarily, the Stellar Data Recovery Premium is a file recovery software developed for macOS Mojave and other macOS. If you have come across a data loss event on macOS Mojave, then leverage the data recovery premium edition to overcome data deletion or file erasure, conveniently. This software supports data recovery from SSD, HDD, Fusion drives, FireWire storage mediums, and all USB based media.

Photo and Video Repair (This is a Unique Feature of Premium Edition)

After the data recovery process or otherwise, you may find a few of your videos or photos corrupt. This happens due to the presence of bad sectors/blocks on the storage drive, which corrupts the header information of the photo/video files. No worry, Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac comes with inbuilt Repair Photo and Repair Video modules to fix those damaged multimedia files. All you need is to add the corrupt photo and video files to the respective module and repair the files. Moreover, Stellar Data Recovery Premium is the world’s first software that performs 4 major operations as discussed above. You can download the Stellar Data Recovery Premium from the below.

Free download


The blog highlighted the prevailing storage drive problems on macOS Mojave. It also informed you how to address the problems in a feasible manner. The easiest way to protect your storage drive and data is to deploy the suggested Premium Mac data recovery utility on your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, or any Mac system. The all-in-one tool has the functionality to recover data, monitor drive, repair photo, and repair video, thereby rendering a complete data care to individuals as well as organizations. For any queries related to macOS Mojave storage drive issues, feel free to write your comments below. We will try to resolve your problems at the earliest.

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