How Is Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition Better Than Asoftech Data Recovery?

Summary: This blog gives a detailed description of Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition and Asoftech Data Recovery. Further, it compares both of them based on several aspects such as system requirements, features, benefits, and working and ultimately goes on to showcase that the former is comparatively better. Read on to know how!

It is true that Windows systems are not prone to becoming corrupt, but such a situation may happen. Also, errors may occur when you work on a Windows Operating System. You may also accidentally delete files from the Recycle Bin, Shift Delete files that remove data from the Recycle Bin, or even format the drive or partitions. All these leads to data loss or inaccessibility. Therefore, it becomes imperative to restore all your lost or deleted data be it text files, MS Office documents, PDF files, photos, music, movie or any other audio or video files. The reason being, data has its importance and cannot be compromised, else it would incur huge losses to the concerned owner, be it an Individual or an Enterprise.

There are several data recovery tools available of which Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition and Asoftech Data Recovery are prominent. Let’s look into each in detail.

Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition

It is a powerful and user-friendly data recovery and partition recovery software for Windows OS and recovers 1GB of data free-of-cost. Further, this high-end software provides you with the option to select both the type of file to be recovered and the location for recovery, where the location can be any drive on your system.

Once selected, it provides a scanning feature to completely scan the lost or deleted data and after that provides a preview of the recoverable files before saving. After the preview, it provides the ‘Recover’ feature that allows you to save the recovered data at the desired location. Thus users can browse any location and save the recovered data that they had deleted or lost somehow.

It is also embedded with features such as Deleted File Recovery, Formatted Drive Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, Email Recovery of MS Outlook PST files and others such as NSF, GWI, MBOX, DBX, EML, VCF, DCI, etc. It is also enriched with features such as Document Recovery of MS Office documents (Excel, Word, PPT, etc.), PDF documents and others, Multimedia File Recovery of photo files – JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, etc., audio files – M4A, OGG, AU, WMA, etc. and video files (MOV, 3GP, M4V, MXF, etc.). Furthermore, Resume Recovery, Effective File Search based on file type or file name, and Deep Scan, etc. makes it a unique Windows recovery software.

Asoftech Data Recovery

It is a software that can recover lost or accidentally deleted data but not partitions from your Windows system. Here, you can recover all types of files that have been deleted from your system’s Recycle Bin or have been deleted using the Shift & Delete keys simultaneously.

This data recovery software can also restore data such as emails, text documents such as PDF files, MS Office documents or others, image, audio, or video files) from external storage devices such as memory cards from various brands and their variants (SD cards, Secure Digital, SmartMedia, Compact Flash Card, Memory Stick, etc.), ZIP, USB drives including pen drives, external hard drives, smartphones running on Android OS and others, digital cameras, camcorders, etc.

Further, it provides the ‘Raw Search’ feature for users to determine the file types based on file structures. This feature allows recovery of even those files whose location is unknown where the file size is not stored in the file system structures. Also, it supports multiple file systems such as NTFS, FAT16 and FAT32. However, to recover the files, you need to register the software, the reason being, with the unregistered version, you can only preview the recoverable files.

Below is a comparison table based on the system requirements, features, and benefits for you to determine which of the two is the best fit when it comes to data recovery from a Windows-based system.

Comparison Table: Support and System Requirements


Support & Requirements of System to Run the Software


Asoftech Data Recovery (Unregistered)


Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition


Modes of Support  FAQs, Knowledge Base, and the Web form through which you can initiate queries. No support provided on the phone. FAQs, a Knowledge Base, a web form for enquiry as well as 24*5 support on the phone.
File System Supports FAT(FAT16 & FAT32), and NTFS file systems Supports FAT, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT and as well as NTFS file systems
Windows Operating System Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000 & NT Windows 10,  8.1,  8,  7,  Vista, and XP
Memory Required 32MB RAM 1GB RAM
Disk Space Required 64MB of free space 50MB of free space

Comparison Table: Features





Asoftech Data Recovery (Unregistered)


Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition

Enhanced GUI No Yes
Support for Searching Specific Type of Files No Yes
Free Data Recovery No (You can only preview the recoverable files with its unregistered version) Recovers 1GB data free with its free edition
Scanning Modes  Analyzes selected disk on selecting the disk and type of file type to be recovered Yes (Scan & Deep Scan)
Ability to create image file in DAT format when scanning is paused No Yes
Option to Preview Recoverable Files Yes Yes
Turn On/Off Preview    No Yes
Shows Details of Scanning Process (Number of files recovered, Time Elapsed, Time Left) No




Option to Recover Lost Partition No Yes
Allows recovery from image file saved in DAT format (Resume Recovery) No Yes


Working: Asoftech Data Recovery vs. Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition

First Step:

Asoftech Data Recovery – The software provides users to select the drive from where the files are to be recovered. The same interface provides the option to browse the location where they want to save the recovered files. In addition, it has a ‘Settings’ tab from where users can select the type of files to be recovered such as ‘Photos’, ‘Media’ that contains audios and videos and ‘Others’ that provides an option to recover PDF, DOC, and other raw files. Once selected, click on ‘OK’ and then the ‘Next’ tab.

Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition – The software provides users with the option to select the type of data to be recovered. The options are ‘Everything’ that contains the options All Data, ‘Documents, Folders & Emails’ that contains three options Office Documents, Folders, and Emails, ‘Multimedia Files’ that again contains three options – Photos, Audio, and Videos. After selecting, you can click on the ‘Next’ tab.


Second Step:

Asoftech Data Recovery – The software shows that data is being recovered. After some time, it automatically shows that the selected disk is being analysed and that the user has to wait. However, it does not show the details of the scanning process such as number of files recovered, time elapsed, and time left.

Stellar Windows Data Recovery – Free Edition – The software provides users with the option to select a location on the drive of the system and connected media devices to recover lost or deleted data. In addition, it provides the option to recover lost partitions as well as recovery from an image file. Once the location is selected, users can click the Scan tab for the software to start the scanning process.

Third Step:

Asoftech Data Recovery – The software displays the preview of the detected files. It also provides users with the choice to click on the Recover tab for the recovery of data that was lost, deleted, or inaccessible due to logical damage. With this, the recovery process ends.


Stellar Windows Data Recovery – Free Edition – The software shows the ongoing scanning process with details such as scanned percentage, the location being currently scanned, the number of files found, time elapsed, and time left for the scanning process to get over. You can even stop the scanning by clicking on the Stop tab.

Fourth Step:

Stellar Windows Data Recovery – Free Edition – The software shows the preview of the selected file once the scanning process gets over. It provides users with the option to recover data by clicking on the Recover tab. After that, you can save the recovered data at the desired location.



As we have compared both Asoftech Data Recovery and Stellar Windows Data Recovery – Free Edition based on several aspects such as the system requirements, features, and working, we can conclude as to which is better and preferred. The features provided by the latter is more in number and beneficial in comparison to the former. One of the most important benefits that Stellar Windows Data Recovery – Free Edition offers is the recovery of up to 1 GB of data free-of-cost. On the other hand, if you want to recover data from Asoftech Data Recovery, you need to purchase it.

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