Things To Do If Your System Stops Working

Summary: Sometimes there are situations when computer system suddenly stops working, freezes or does not respond to your command, etc. and at times it may lead to severe damage. Here are the methods to fix the “System Stopped Working” issue and further, download the Stellar data recovery software for all your data recovery needs.

Things To Do If Your System Stops Working

Most of the time, Windows OS work quite well but as we all know “Danger Does Not Knock the Door with a Warning”, same is the case here. There are situations where computer system suddenly stops working, freezes or does not respond to your command, etc. This may be due to human errors but when it happens, it requires immediate attention! Here, restarting the computer can resolve the issue.

But what if restarting fails to solve the issue? How will you then make your PC run? Also, how will you protect your PC from slowdowns and debilitating crashes? Most importantly, how will you access the critical data stored in it? If the above or other similar queries are triggering in your mind, then you have come to the right place! Read on to know more!

Scenarios Where “System Stopped Working”

“My son was playing games on his PC. I asked him to pause the game and let me make an important online call. I just accessed my presentation and attempted to make a call. I don’t know what happened but my system instantly stopped working and displayed a blue screen. I tried rebooting, but all my efforts went in vain! Please help!.” – Ralph Watson

“I was updating my Files & Folders and everything was running smoothly until there was a power failure. Once the power was on, I rebooted it but my system stopped working.” – Johnson Martin

The above scenarios represent different cases in which users end up losing access to their system. Whether you are a Professional or Home user, there is a possibility that you may come across a situation where you are not able to access your system or the data stored on it; therefore, always make sure to backup your data to avoid such situations.

How to Fix “System Stopped Working” Issue?

There are several solutions using which you can fix the issue. Some common DIY options are stated below:

Option 1: Verify Running Processes

Verify Running Processes

In the case of a system or program freezing, the first instinct to resolve the issue should be to verify running processes using Task Manager (You can open it using Ctrl+Alt+Delete). The plus point of this is it frees up the cursor and lets you make modifications to the running programs. To use it follow the below steps:

  1. Open Task Manager.
  2. Navigate to Processes tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Background Processes.
  4. Close the processes giving issues.
  5. Next, Restart the Program or System to ensure smooth functionality.

Note: Don’t end up Explorer.exe or Microsoft processes.

Option 2: Verify your System for Spyware/Malware by Scanning

Sometimes the dead giveaways can be due to PC infection caused by some malicious software. The most common example for the same is suspicious pop ups from dodgy anti-virus programs. These viruses usually work in the background and slow down your desktop, and the worst thing is you don’t know it. Therefore, it is essential to rule out the malicious code. For this, you can make use of Windows Defender.

  1. Go to Windows Defender.
  2. Run a Full Scan with enabled Firewall.
  3. Next, execute a thorough system clean up by rebooting the system in Safe Mode.

Option 3: System Restore


Restore is the non-destructive and easiest way to set things right as this doesn’t affect documents but modifies the installed software and Windows settings. It brings back your Windows to an earlier point in time by restoring all files taken at the instant of the particular Restore Point.

The usefulness of this feature is dependent on your preventative maintenance ability and computer’s issue nature. The system makes Restore Points automatically. So, if your System has recently stopped working and you have a month, week, or a day before Restore Points, you can effectively fix the system.

To do so, practice the following steps:

  1. Go to Start Menu.
  2. Start System Restore.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions.

Option 4: Reinstall OS


Last common manual approach is reinstalling the Operating System (OS). Make sure to proceed with it when you have tried the earlier options which failed to assist; and, you are still experiencing blue screens, random crashes, or power loss, etc.

However, the point of consideration here is that OS re-installation will wipe off all the data from the hard drive.

Now, the big question is whether you should proceed with it or not? If yes, then will you also be able to recover the data even if you don’t have a backup?

Yes! There are reliable ways to do so!

Try Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows software. Thanks to its formatted data recovery feature, you can easily regain your deleted data from your PC after OS re installation.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows: An Insight

A flagship product of Stellar Data Recovery, this windows data recovery software is best described as 3S’s – Safe, Secure, and Strong. You can count on this software in all cases of data loss – be it accidental deletion, formatting, to severe corruption.

Powerful enough, this software lets you recover your lost files, folders, documents and media files.

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What This Software Has in Store for You?

  1. Multiple DPI, Improved Unicode and File Preview Support.
  2. Create image option and efficient scan engine.
  3. Supports all types of CD’s/DVD’s with CDFS, UDF and HFS+ file systems.
  4. Enhanced scanning progress and Detailed Scanning Status with Turn On/ Off Preview toggle.
  5. Multiple file system and simultaneous scan support.
  6. Auto raw files recovery via advance search + raw recovery support of HD MOV.
  7. Enhanced support for Add New Header/ Edit Header.
  8. Supports custom search for specific file types and folders.

Where Can All Stellar Data Recovery Professional Recover Data From?

  1. Formatted volumes.
  2. Accidentally deleted volumes.
  3. Internal/ External Hard disk/ SSD.
  4. Removable media such as pen drives, memory cards, etc.

Why Trust Stellar Data Recovery Professional?

  1. User friendly GUI.
  2. Supports large number of file types.
  3. 100% data integrity.
  4. Fast and efficient scan engine.

To Conclude

It is a common scenario when PC stops accepting your commands and creates an alarming situation for you. Hopefully, in most of the cases, simple DIY hacks can help resolve the issue; however, sometimes these hacks fail to work in your favor depending on the state, nature or condition of the issue. In this situation, OS re-installation works wonders but the only hindrance while using it is Data Loss.

To avoid Data loss, the first option is to maintain a regular Backup; however, when there is no Backup, you can still recover your data using Stellar Data Recovery Professional software. This smart tool will help you regain your data with 100% Confidentiality & Integrity!

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