How to find lost iPhone Backup files on Windows PC?

Summary: You have to restore iPhone data. But you cannot find backup files saved on your Windows PC or the backup files are unreadable. This post guides you to find iPhone backup on Windows PC and methods to restore it on your device.

You may get into a terrible iPhone data loss situation after factory reset, stolen iPhone, jailbreak or physical damage to your device, etc. Backup is your only resort. But another shocker is waiting for you. You are not able to find iPhone backup files once saved on your Windows PC.

Your backup files are not readable and you have no clue how to access them.

In such a situation, keep calm and do not worry. If you ever saved your iPhone backup on Windows computer and now unable to locate or access it, this post guides you to find iPhone backup on PC and how to restore it on your device.

Where are iPhone backups stored on Windows PC?

iPhone backups are a safe copy of your complete device information. iTunes saves iPhone backup in Users folder on Windows computer. These backup files are not in a readable format. You can copy them but should never try to move files to a different drive, edit, rename or extract content. All such activities can ruin the backup files. Although you can make copies of your backup or delete backup that you do not require anymore.

Steps to find iPhone backup files on Windows PC:

  • In the Search bar enter %appdata% or %USERPROFILE% (if you downloaded iTunes from the Microsoft Store)
  • Press Return
  • Double-click these folders: Apple Computer > MobileSync > Backup

You can also locate iPhone backup in Windows 7, 8, or 10 by following Users > (username) > AppData > Roaming > Apple Computer > MobileSync > Backup.

Cannot locate iPhone backup on Windows PC? Find and Restore data with iPhone data recovery software

If you are not able to find your iPhone backup data in PC or unable to access the backup files, take refuge in third-party software – Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone.

How can Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone help you?

You can find, access, and restore lost iPhone backup files with Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone. It is a secure tool that efficiently scans the computer to find your iPhone backup. The recovered iPhone backup files are in readable form and you can either save them on your PC or iPhone.

When you can use the Stellar iPhone data recovery solution

  • You are unable to locate your iPhone backup files
  • Your backup files are either lost or deleted.
  • You cannot access iPhone backup files on Windows PC
  • Not able to restore backup on your old/new iPhone

How to recover lost backup files from PC using Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone?

The iPhone Data Recovery Tool by Stellar is a do-it-yourself software that quickly recovers complete iPhone data in a readable form from your Windows PC.

You can recover all your lost photos, videos, contacts, messages, Safari bookmarks, Call history, Reminders, Voice Memo, Notes, WhatsApp, Kik, WeChat, Viber messages, etc.

iPhone Data Recovery iPhone Data Recovery Mac

It also offers a Deep Scan, in case your desired iPhone information is not recovered after the first scan. Deep scan does a comprehensive scan of the selected device or backup to recover every bit of lost or deleted backup information.

Benefits of Stellar iPhone data recovery

  • Recovers deleted or lost backup files
  • Recovers data in readable format
  • Option to restore only that data from backup which you want to be in your iPhone
  • Allows to save recovered backup on computer or iPhone

Step-by-step recovery of lost iPhone backup on Windows PC with Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to computer and launch the software.

Step 2: On the home screen, select Recover from iPhone. Scanning process begins.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone

Step 3: After scanning completes, all the files on your iPhone are listed.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone after scanning completes

If you do not see the required files in the list, choose Deep Scan. It will scan for the backup stored on your computer system.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone - Deep Scan

Step 4: Select and save the recovered iPhone data at your desired location. You can choose to save in iPhone if want to restore backup data on your device, else save it on your computer.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone - Save recovered files at your desire location

Wrapping Up

Losing iPhone data after factory reset, jailbreak, stuck in boot loop or physical damage etc., can get messier when you cannot find or retrieve information from iPhone backup files saved on your computer. Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone is a big relief in such data loss situations.

This iPhone utility not only finds the lost iPhone backup files on Windows PC, it makes them readable and allows you to save/restore to iPhone or computer. Moreover, it lets you selectively transfer iPhone data on your iPhone rather than complete backup.

You can download the free trial version to evaluate its performance. It is surely not going to disappoint you.

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