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Recover Mac Data without Time Machine Backup on macOS Ventura

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    Summary: This blog shares a variety of methods to recover your deleted or lost data from Mac running on macOS Ventura or earlier—in case you don’t have a Time Machine backup. Download the free-to-try Mac data recovery software to salvage your data without a backup.

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    . Restore Mac Data by Using Clone Drive
    2. Restore Mac Files Without Using Software – Watch How
    3. Recover Mac Data by Using Software

    “I have accidentally deleted my video collection from my MacBook running on macOS Ventura, and I don’t have a Time Machine backup; what can I do to recover them back?”

    Data loss incident like the above is quite likely on your Mac. In such a situation, you must not use the Mac to avoid any data overwriting, unless you recover your lost data from the Mac hard drive or SSD. But, before learning the data recovery methods, you should know about Time Machine.

    Time Machine is an indispensable backup and restoration application that comes integrated with your macOS. The app automatically performs the incremental backup of your Mac start-up disk at the scheduled time to an external backup medium connected to the Mac.

    How does Time Machine Backup help?

    Your Mac, like any other electronic device, comprises circuits, chips, and other microelectronic components that are prone to damage over time. You can repurchase a Mac but you can’t recreate your lost old digital memories in the form of photos, videos. Your data is at risk due to accidental deletion, drive erasure, volume deletion, drive corruption, drive failure, etc. 

    Time Machine backup is an assurance that even though the Mac fails, your data is secure. So, at the time of data loss on your Mac, you can use your Time Machine backup to restore the entire macOS or just the files and folders you accidentally deleted or lost. 

    But many of you fail to create a backup in time and only realize the mistake after you experience data loss disaster. In most cases, the data comprises photos, videos, and files that you cannot recreate. Don’t worry! Data recovery from your Mac storage drive is possible even without the Time Machine backup.


    1. Restore Mac Data by Using Clone Drive

    Besides Time Machine that allows you to maintain an up-to-date backup of your Macintosh HD, you can clone your entire Mac storage drive to an external hard drive. The clone drive keeps a copy of all the files and macOS setting at the time of cloning. You can use the clone drive to restore data at a later point in time when the operating system gets corrupt.


    **Remember, a backup saves the day only when you have created it proactively before a data loss. 

    2. Restore Mac Files Without Using Software – Watch How

    3. Recover Mac Data by Using Software

    In case you don’t have a Time Machine backup or a clone drive, you can use Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac software to recover all your missing data in the worst data loss scenarios. 

    Follow the steps listed below to recover data on your Mac that has no backup:

    Step 1) Download, install the *trial version of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac software then launch it.


    Select “Recover Everything” or customize your scan, then click Next.


    Step 2) Select Macintosh HD, toggle on Deep Scan, and then click Scan. In case you are running macOS Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra then allow Stellar Data Recovery extension to load. Once done, you will be able to scan the startup disk easily.

    Select Location

    Step 3) Let the software to run a thorough drive scan. After the scan completes, click OK on the message box.

    Step 4) Select the required files and folders then click Recover. Browse the distinct location to save the data then click Save. Let the software to recover your data to the specified location.

    *The free trial software allows free scan and preview but needs activation to recover data. Complete the activation process to save your files. Don’t worry! The software has a 30-day money-back guarantee, just in case.

    Stellar Data Recovery Professional software is a boon for recovering Trash emptied files, erased drive files, deleted volume data, corrupt Mac storage drive data, and so forth on macOS. The software supports data recovery from an external storage drive, including Time Machine and Network backup drive.

    Hopefully, the above two best Mac data recovery methods will help you recover your data.


    Time Machine is the best choice when it comes to safeguarding your data against any data loss event on your Mac. Even cloning your entire Mac storage drive helps to restore your non-booting or corrupt Mac. But, most of you don’t keep a clone of your Mac drive or fail to maintain regular backup due to your busy lives and fall prey to data loss. 

    Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is a highly reliable and intuitive data recovery software that helps you recover your Mac data without Time Machine backup or clone drive. With this software at your disposal, data recovery will be a cakewalk for you.

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    Vishal linkdin

    Vishal is a data recovery expert @Stellar. He addresses data loss scenarios on a Mac. He intends to help people solve their macOS problems. Besides, Vishal prefers to read about astronomy and autobiography, and his favorite is Steve Jobs - The man who thought different written by Karen Bluementhal.


    1. I recently was forced to restore my MacBook using a backup from about a month ago. I didn’t realize that several files had since been added and not synced, so they don’t exist on the backup I used. Is there anyway to recover these files from the MacBook?

      1. You can easily recover your lost files using Stellar Mac Data Recovery software. You can check the video tutorial to recover your deleted files from MacBook.

    2. Although Time Machine is one of the best gift Mac as ever give to its users. However in case of any absence of important data, it’s always thankful to use DIY data recovery software.

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