Ways to Protect Data from Natural Disasters

To safeguard yourself and your family is not your only duty in various events of natural disasters like sandy storm, hurricane, flood, etc, but to protect your crucial data is equally important. Although loss of data is incomparable with respect to loss of life, but it works as a boon when you return to your normal life. Since government suggests some really effective plans to stay safe, so we are not discussing that here, but we are going to discuss data safety plans because prevention is better than cure always.

The first step in order to take the backup of your data is to prepare a list of all the data that is crucial or that is more important to be backed up, like your family photos, legal and tax documents, college assignments, and may be elating family videos. Once you prioritize everything, then it will be easier for you to take its backup. Now the next task is to create the backup of your data. Mentioned below are some effective data backup plans:

  • Use Some Online Pay Service for Data Backup: There are innumerable online paid data backup services available. You can use any of them for backing up your data. To select the best online data backup service, you have to ascertain the ability of the backup service to backs up a file, if it is open? Other points to be noted are; whether the service allows file sharing or data syncing, or whether it uploads a changed and new file immediately? And most importantly its cost. Since it is a paid service, so you must compare the cost of various other services before opting for any one.
  • Use Cloud to Keep Precious Data: Using cloud based services for backing up your precious data is one of the most useful ways. However, you have to make sure that the cloud service provider does not have its servers at an effected area. Using cloud to store your data is advantageous in various cases of data loss, but more effective when your PC gets damaged.
  • Use Key Drives, External Hard Drives, or Hard Drive Enclosures for Data Backup: You may not feel secure as well as comfortable in uploading some of your crucial legal documents online on any server. So for their security, you must keep them on an external hard drive or key drive. Today large capacity yet small sized external hard drives are available in the market. Small flash drives or key drives are more portable than external hard drives as you can carry them with your key chain. Hard drive enclosure is basically a chassis in the form of USB device that houses an external HDD externally. With the enclosure of hard drive you can easily create portability among office system, home computer, laptop, and desktop.
  • Use Dry Bags to keep your Electronic Gadgets: Dry bags are made for river rafters to keep their entire stuff like food, clothes, etc safe. You can use dry bags to keep your electronic gadgets like external hard drive, mobile phone, pen drive, iPod, etc unaffected from moisture, flood water etc.

These are few means that help you to maintain the backup of your data and stay away from the disastrous situation of data loss.

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