Stellar Phoenix BKF Recovery Software

Product specs
Product Spec

Stellar Phoenix BKF Recovery Software

Recovers inaccessible data from corrupt or damaged Windows BKF files

Proficient BKF recovery tool that repairs corrupt backup files and helps to restore lost invaluable data in all instances of BKF corruption

  • Performs BKF repair for files created with Windows NTBackup & Backup Exec by Veritas software
  • Searches for BKF files in the system
  • Saves the scan output in a .DAT file for later recovery
  • Supports Windows 2000, XP, 2003 backup utilities


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File Size:4.20 MB

* Free Download is demo download of the product and offers preview of all the recoverable BKF files using the software.

Features – BKF File Repair


This BKF recovery software overcomes all the vulnerabilities, like ‘Unrecognizable File’, ‘Run Time Error’, and ‘CRC Errors’ that make your BKF file corrupt and inaccessible. The tool repairs BKF files corrupt or damaged due to the above reasons and restores all your priceless data.


Some prominent features of the tool are as follows


Search FileSearch File

The software enables you to find the location of a specific BKF file using ‘Search File’ option. With the help of this feature, you can search for BKF files in any folder, subfolder or an entire volume in your system.

Easy & Automatic RepairEasy & Automatic Repair

The software has a lucid approach to BKF repair. Once you select the corrupt BKF file, the repair process automatically starts and shows you the scanned list of items in a tree view. You can choose the files you need to recover from this list.


Recovered BKF File PreviewRecovered BKF File Preview

The software smoothly repairs BKF file and allows you to preview the content of the file prior to recovery. This helps to have a quick look at your valuable data before saving the repaired BKF file in your system

Save Scan InformationSave Scan Information

The software efficiently scans your corrupt backup file and allows you to save the scan information as a ‘.DAT’ file in the system. This enables you to easily repair corrupt BKF file at any convenient time by using the saved scan information.


Save File at a Convenient LocationSave File at a Convenient Location

This software provides a blend of options to save the repaired BKF file. You can choose to save either a group of desired files or all the files present in the backup up folder. In addition, you can save the file at its default location or any user-defined location.

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* Free Download is demo download of the product and offers preview of all the recoverable BKF files using the software.

FAQ's – Stellar Phoenix BKF Repair


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