SharePoint Server Recovery

Product specs
Product Spec

Stellar Phoenix SharePoint Server Recovery

Recovers your valuable SharePoint data, including business critical documents, site content, and metadata

Professional SharePoint Server Recovery software that safely repairs SharePoint databases or SQL Server files to retrieve all crucial information stored on your SharePoint Server. The software can easily extract all data and documents from the damaged SharePoint database.

  • Effectively repairs SharePoint database to recover inaccessible information
  • Uploads the repaired database back to the SharePoint Server
  • Preview of SharePoint data prior to recovery
  • SharePoint Recovery for MS SharePoint Server 2007, and 2010
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000, NT, and 9x


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* Free Download offers free evaluation of the software & preview all the lost database files that can be recovered by the software.

Features SharePoint Server Recovery


The software helps you perform a fast SharePoint repair and restores either a few critical items or the entire content database corresponding to a specific Web application and its site collections. Mentioned below are some remarkable features of this SharePoint recovery tool:

Repairs .MDF database of the SharePoint ServerRepairs .MDF database of the SharePoint Server

SharePoint Server uses SQL databases to store data of all site collections, document libraries, and lists. Any damage to these SQL databases ('.MDF' files) causes crippling loss of SharePoint data. The software effectively fixes all corruption in the MDF file to recover all your vital SharePoint data.

Complete Repair Option'Complete Repair' Option

The software facilitates complete recovery of your SharePoint content database, restoring the content of all sites in a site collection and any uploaded documents, such as blogs, wikis, and articles. The software efficiently recovers all tables in the SharePoint database maintaining the integrity of your precious data.


Document Recovery Option'Document Recovery' Option

This software enables you to smoothly repair SharePoint databases and recover dozens of documents present in multiple libraries within the SharePoint sites. The software displays a list of all documents in the selected content database and allows recovering only a few specific documents of choice.

Searches for SharePoint DatabasesSearches for SharePoint Databases

The software incorporates a 'Search File' feature to search and locate MS SQL MDF files in a particular drive of your system. You can also search in sub-folders within the folders to quickly find out the desired SharePoint database for recovery.


Preview of SharePoint DataPreview of SharePoint Data

The software shows preview of SharePoint data (i.e. contents of all recovered database tables and attached documents) after scanning your damaged database. The preview of database contents helps you judge the efficacy of the software and verify your data prior to saving the recovered data.

Uploads Database files to SharePoint ServerUploads Database files to SharePoint Server

The SharePoint Server recovery software ensures that you get the desired results with minimum effort. It gives you an option to attach the recovered database file to the web application on the server. This saves your considerable time required to upload the database files to the SharePoint Server.


Option to View and Save LogOption to View and Save Log

The software keeps track of all activities performed during the SharePoint repair process by maintaining a log report. It gives you the choice to view this log or save it as a '.txt' file in your system. You can also clear this log at any point of time.

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* Free Download offers free evaluation of the software & preview all the lost database files that can be recovered by the software.




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