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Product specs
Product Spec

Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery

Repairs damaged/corrupt MS Word documents and restores their original formatting

Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery is an easy-to-use tool for repairing corrupt MS Word (.doc, .docx) files without modifying the original text, images, fonts, headers/footers, and hyperlinks.

  • Repairs corrupt MS Word file created in MS Word 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000
  • Facilitates three repair options as ‘Simple Repair’, ‘Advance Repair’, and ‘Raw Recovery’
  • Provides three different previews of your Word document: ‘Full document’, ‘Filtered Text’, and ‘RAW Text’
  • Searches for MS Word file if its location is unknown or forgotten


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A professional utility features a range of user-friendly options for facilitating smooth recovery of corrupt Word files. Mentioned below are few of the powerful features of this tool:


Safe Recovery of MS Word Files iconSafe Recovery of MS Word Files

The software repairs corrupt Word files having ‘.doc’ or ‘.docx’ extensions. It performs safe repair of MS Word files by preserving the original text, fonts, images, and headers/footers of the documents. The tool repairs doc/docx files that are inaccessible, or start repagination automatically, or show unreadable characters.

Searches Word File iconSearches Word File

If you do not know the location of your corrupt Word document or the document was moved to a different location, this Word recovery software helps you quickly search for the desired file in your system.




Shows File Preview iconShows File Preview

You can see the preview of your files after completion of the scan process. This feature assists you to take the decision if you want to repair the Word file. You can see the preview in three different formats, i.e. ‘Full document’, ‘Filtered Text’, and ‘RAW Text’.

Simple Repair Option iconSimple Repair Option

Simple Repair option repair corrupt ‘.DOC’ and ‘.DOCX’ files. If your word file has minor corruption then you can opt for this option. This option is to repair your corrupt Word file with original formatting.


Advance Repair Option iconAdvance Repair Option

If simple repair fails to remove corruption and provide satisfactory results, you can opt for Advance Repair for comparatively better results. This repair option of the tool is available for .doc files only.

Raw Recovery iconRaw Recovery

You should choose this when ‘Advance Repair’ fails to do the needful. Like ‘Advance Repair’, this option is also available only for .doc files. It recovers everything in your Word document, but in RAW text or machine readable format.


Generation of Log Report iconGeneration of Log Report

After completion of Word recovery process, the software provides you an option to save its log file. The log file contains all the details of the recovery process, such as name of the repaired Word file, beginning of the process, end of the process, etc.

Do-It Yourself User Interface iconDo-It Yourself User Interface

The reliable software to repair doc/docx file has simple and intuitive user interface that can easily be used by any computer user without needing any professional help or assistance.


Covers all Word File Corruption Errors iconCovers all Word File Corruption Errors

The software offers high degree of scalability by allowing you to overcome almost all Word file corruption errors. With this tool, you can easily resolve minor file corruption cases as well as make complex repairs.

Support & Compatibility iconSupport & Compatibility

The software can work with documents created in MS Word 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. This tool is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, and NT.

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File Size:4.30 MB

* Free Download is demo download of the product and offers preview of all the recoverable Word files using the software. Only those files viewed in preview are recoverable. For Recovering data you will have to purchase the software.



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