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How to Fix ‘Movie Recording has been stopped automatically’ Problem in Canon Camera

‘My Canon Rebel T3i is giving ‘Movie recording has been stopped automatically’ error. I am able to record videos for about 8 minutes but not beyond. I format my SD card every time before any video shoot. Still I have this recording issue. Please help.’

Annoyed with such sudden disruption in your video recordings? Looking for ways to fix ‘Video recording has been stopped automatically’ error on your Canon camera? Read on this post further to know how to record your videos for longer duration with Canon devices and avoid this movie recording error.

Why is your Canon camera not able to record for longer?

‘Video recording has been stopped automatically’ in Canon DSLR is a common problem posted by several Canon users.

There can be various possibilities behind sudden stopping of video recording in any of your Canon device such as:

  • Camera model does not support SD card
  • SD card does not have free space
  • Card cannot record high quality videos due to low write and read speed
  • SD card does not keep up with the high recording speed
  • Camera may get heated up

How to Fix ‘Movie recording has been stopped automatically’ error in Canon cameras

1. Let your Canon camera cool off

Imagine you are shooting outdoor on a sunny day in Texas and your new Canon EOS 80D stops recording automatically.

It is common with any camera including Canon, to go off recording suddenly when shooting during hot summer or directly under the sun.

Probably this is due to the heating of your camera as its sensors are continuously working while recording. The camera automatically stops the recording to cool down at a safe temperature. When the camera is overheated it shows a notification in the live view.

Shut the camera off and let it cool when you see the notification. Also, intermittently give rest to your Canon camcorder when shooting in hot conditions. Do not leave your camera in direct sunlight or in high-temperature environment.

2. Use a different memory card

Try to record a video with another Canon compatible SD card. Do not forget to format the card with the camera before use. While formatting the card you should format the card with the camera and not with the Computer. Ensure your SD card has enough space to record video.

If the recording still stops automatically in between, move on to other methods to fix the error ‘Movie recording has been stopped automatically’ in Canon DSLR.

3. Use a high Class SD card

Are you sure the memory card you are using in your Canon device is of higher Class?

To record ultra HD high bit rate videos, you need high capacity and faster (high read & write speed) storage cards. Remember, higher the Class better the read and write speed.

SD Cards      Minimum sequential Write Speed Storage
SD Standard 12.5MB/s for default speed 128GB to 2GB
SDHC 25MB/sec for High speed bus 2GB to 3GB
SDXC 30MB/sec for UHS speed class 32GB to 2TB

The preferable SD card for Canon is of Class 10. You can pick from any SDHC, SDXC in this category. The error would no longer pop up while recording videos.

Video recordings not playing properly or gone corrupt?

You have perhaps recorded your movie in a slow-writing memory card or your videos are compressed. Get Stellar Repair for Video  .

Video Repair Video Repair Mac

It is the most efficient  DIY software tool to fix corrupt, broken, or jerky videos shot from any camera including all the Canon models. With 30% faster scanning and repair speed against other video repair tools, it can successfully repair unlimited number of videos simultaneously.

4.  Change the recording size

You do not want to buy a new card? Then changing the video recording size can also fix ‘movie recording has stopped automatically’ problem.

This method may not give as sharp video quality but are fairly acceptable to watch.

You can set the movie recording size (size, frame rate, compression) under the movie settings from the menu of your Canon camera. For example, if the video recording error appears at 1920×1080 (30fps), select 1280×720 (60 fps).

In some Canon models like Rebel T5/1200D you can adjust the movie settings through Quick Control screen.

5. Control bitrate

Having a higher bitrate than your memory card can handle, triggers ‘Movie recording has been stopped automatically’ issue.

This means, if you have slow memory card, say of Class 4, lower the bitrate to record videos for longer duration. It is recommended to use CBR 1x mode or QScale with low negative value in Magic Lantern. This is less likely to stop the recording automatically.

Magic Lantern is a free software add-on for Canon DSLR and EOS that runs from the SD/CF card.  It adds a host of features to the Canon camera benefitting the users.

6. Update to Latest firmware from Canon website

Does your Canon camera has the latest firmware?

Though not many of you doing that. But, firmware update generally fixes any bugs or problems in the camera. It can be related to your video recordings or battery-draining etc.

Thus, it is worth checking, if there is any update available for your Canon model.

You can check in the camera’s menu which firmware your camera model is running. Get the latest version from the support and downloads page of Canon website.

Additional Tips:

  • Reset the camera to factory default settings
  • Try a different Card
  • Contact Canon Support.


SD cards have a major role to play in fixing ‘Movie recording has been stopped automatically’ error. For smooth, continuous and quality video recording, ensure you are using a high Class and faster SD card according to your camera model. Apart from this, use your Canon camera settings smartly to record good quality videos for a longer duration.

Was this post a helpful in fixing video recording issue in Canon cameras? Do you have other hacks to fix the issue? Do share in the comment box below.

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