Stellar Phoenix Windows Password
  • Recovers user name, domain name, and password for the 'Remote Desktop' application
  • Reset password set to the administrator & other user-login accounts on Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • Retrieves license keys of all registered Microsoft applications in your system

Windows Password Recovery Tool to recover lost or forgotten passwords of Windows administrator and other user-login accounts. In addition, the software is adept at retrieving the passwords used in various email clients, web browsers, FTP clients, and chat messengers installed on your computer. Bullet Read More...

Server Password Recovery
  • Easy-to-use interface for quick Windows Server password recovery
  • Resets passwords on Microsoft Windows 2008 Server, 2003 Server, and 2000 Server systems
  • Available as a downloadable ISO image that can be burnt onto a bootable CD

Server Password Recovery helps you easily recover/reset the password of any Windows Server based computer that is acting as a domain controller. The software has a safe approach to Server password recovery. You can quickly recover your password without modifying the system settings or data. Bullet Read More...

Excel Password Recovery
  • Safely recovers lost or forgotten passwords of MS Excel files
  • Retrieves both 'Password to open' and 'Password to modify'
  • Masking feature to minimize the Excel password recovery time

Excel Password Recovery Tool to help you recover lost or forgotten passwords of encrypted MS Excel workbooks. The software is embedded with advanced masking techniques to trigger an advanced search for retrieving the lost 'password to open' and 'password to modify' the MS Excel file. Bullet Read More...

Access Password Recovery
  • Recovers the exact lost or forgotten password of any MS Access file
  • Employs Brute Force Attack to extensively search the lost password
  • Gives you the correct Access password within seconds

Access Password Recovery Software to help you easily and effortlessly recover the lost or forgotten passwords of MS Access files. The software searches for MS Access files in your system and performs brute force attack to quickly track down the exact password set to your MS Access file. Bullet Read More...

Word Password Recovery
  • Recovers lost or forgotten 'Password to access' and 'Password to modify' set to MS Word doc
  • 'Character set' option to specify characters used in the lost password
  • Advanced Masking technique to speed up the Word password recovery process

Word Password Recovery precisely recovers the lost or forgotten passwords of your MS Word files. The software provides a set of user-friendly options to help you safely retrieve your lost Word password within a considerably short span of time. The tool supports MS Word 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. Bullet Read More...

PowerPoint Password Recovery
  • Easily cracks the lost or forgotten PowerPoint password – both to 'Open' and 'Modify'
  • Exclusive Dictionary to keep track of all recovered passwords
  • Character Masking techniques for quick and precise PowerPoint password recovery

PowerPoint Password Recovery is a robust tool that enables you easily reset the password set to any MS PowerPoint file. The software employs dedicated mechanisms to safely recover the exact PowerPoint password without causing damage to the file integrity. Bullet Read More...

Office Password Recovery
  • Efficiently recovers passwords set to your MS Office files
  • Recovers both 'Password to open' and 'Password to modify'
  • Uses Brute Force Attack technique assuring 100% recovery of the password

Office Password Recovery Software to recover lost or forgotten passwords of MS Office files. This efficient password recovery utility recovers passwords set to open or modify any MS Excel, MS Word, or MS PowerPoint file. The software incorporates various options to narrow down the password search process.Bullet Read More...

Archive Password Recovery
  • Recovers lost passwords of encrypted WinZIP and WinRAR files
  • Uses masking for quick recovery of the lost Archive passwords
  • Dynamic Dictionary feature to store all recovered passwords for later recovery

Archive Password Recovery offers an efficient solution to retrieve any lost or forgotten password of your WinRAR or WinZIP file. You can specify the initial characters in the RAR/ZIP password or use wild card characters to easily get close to the exact match. The software supports WinZip 8.x to 15.x and WinRAR 3.x and 4.x.Bullet Read More...

ZIP Password Recovery
  • Accurately recovers lost or forgotten passwords of WinZIP files
  • Facilitates masking to recover your ZIP password within seconds
  • User-friendly and comprehensible interface

Zip Password Recovery Software to effectively recover the lost passwords of ZIP files created using WinZIP 8.x to 15.x. The software allows you to specify a search criteria to significantly reduce the time required for ZIP password recovery.Bullet Read More...

RAR Password Recovery
  • Efficiently recovers lost passwords of your WinRAR files
  • Employs Brute Force Attack to try every possible character combination
  • Masking feature to narrow down the RAR password search process

RAR Password Recovery provides an easy yet reliable way to unlock all your encrypted WinRAR files. The software has dedicated mechanisms to accurately and effortlessly recover your lost RAR password regardless of its complexity. The competent tool supports WinRAR 3.x to 4.x.Bullet Read More...

Outlook Password Recovery
  • Effectively recovers lost passwords of your important Outlook PST files
  • Gives six sets of usable PST passwords
  • Recovers PST passwords having special characters

Outlook Password Recovery helps you easily perform precise recovery of any lost or forgotten PST password and regain access to your encrypted Outlook PST file. The software supports PST passwords of files created in MS Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. Bullet Read More...

Mail Password Recovery
  • Recover passwords of MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail etc.
  • Saves recovered password in separate text file
  • Provides password with user name and domain name

Mail Password Recovery Software utility to smoothly recover lost or forgotten mail passwords of accounts configured in various email clients. The efficient software not only recovers the passwords of various email accounts, but recovers their respective user names and domain names as well. Bullet Read More...

Messanger Password Recovery
  • Recovers lost passwords of accounts used in various Instant Messaging clients
  • Supports a range of widely used messaging applications
  • Enables to save the recovered password in a text file

Messenger Password Recovery easily recovers your lost or forgotten Messenger password from all popular Instant messaging clients, such as Windows Live Messenger, MSN Messenger, RediffBol, Google Talk. The software has an easy-to-use, self-descriptive interface specifically designed for the naive or average users.Bullet Read More...

PDF Password Recovery
  • Efficiently recovers 'User password' and 'Permissions password' of your PDF files
  • Decrypts protected Acrobat documents
  • Removes permissions and enables resetting Permissions password

PDF Password Recovery is a comprehensive tool to allow you to easily reset the 'User/Document Open' and 'Permissions/Master' passwords set to Adobe Acrobat documents. The advanced tool supports PDF password recovery for Adobe Acrobat versions-2.0 to 9.0.Bullet Read More...

PDF Password Recovery
  • Resets the lost password; no worry, if you lose it again
  • Resets both System Admin and User Account password
  • Perfectly works for Server 2012, 2008R2, 2008, and 2005

Stellar Phoenix SQL Password Recovery is the best software to entirely reset the lost or forgotten password applied to MS SQL server ‘master.mdf’ file. The tool is a great relief for all the server administrators in everyday working.Bullet Read More...