RAR Password recovery software

Product specs
Product Spec

Stellar Phoenix RAR Password Recovery

Recovers RAR passwords from encrypted RAR archives

Professional RAR password recovery software that helps you easily recover the lost or forgotten passwords of encrypted WinRAR files.

  • Advanced Masking options to shorten the password recovery time
  • Uses Brute-Force Attack to ensure high success rate
  • Inbuilt Dynamic Dictionary for storing recovered RAR passwords
  • Recovers passwords for WinRAR 3.x to 4.x
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008, Server 2003, XP, and 2000




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Features – WinRAR Password Recovery Software


This WinRAR password recovery software extracts password applied to encrypted RAR files and enables you access all your precious archived data. Let us walk through some remarkable features of this utility:

Brute-Force Attack Technique to Unlock RAR ArchiveBrute-Force Attack Technique to Unlock RAR Archive

The software smoothly unpacks your password-protected RAR files by recovering their lost passwords using the 'Brute-Force' attack technique. This process searches the RAR password by trying all possible character combinations to give you accurate results in the shortest time span.

Specifying RAR Password Length Specifying RAR Password Length

The WinRAR password recovery tool enables you to provide a range of possible length of your lost RAR password. This reduces the exhaustive and thorough password search process to just finding the password within this specified length. You need to specify a minimum and maximum value for the password length.


Masking to Ensure Precise and Speedy RecoveryMasking to Ensure Precise and Speedy Recovery

The software simplifies the RAR password search process by providing you various masking options. You can type in a few starting characters of your password to help the software quickly search for the remaining characters. In case you do not remember the initial characters, you can also substitute the unknown characters with '?' symbol.

Option to Define Character SetOption to Define Character Set

The RAR password recovery tool makes it easy for you to limit the number of characters used for cracking the RAR password. You can do so by selecting specific characters from various groups of characters, such as 'a-z', 'A-Z', '0-9', 'Space', special characters, and all printable characters.


Dynamic Process DialogDynamic Process Dialog

The software efficiently recovers RAR password and displays a dynamic dialog during this process. The dialog box shows the recovery status along with other relevant information; including process start time, expected completion time, and current recovery speed.

Maintains Log ReportMaintains Log Report

The software recovers WinRAR password, simultaneously creating a log of the entire recovery process. The log report thus created has complete information about all activities performed by the application, including starting time and date, and password to open.

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