Stellar Phoenix Pdf Password Recovery
Product specs
Product Spec

Stellar Phoenix PDF Password Recovery

Recovers lost or forgotten passwords of protected Acrobat PDF files

An extremely powerful PDF password recovery software to recover 'Document Open Password/User Password' and reset 'Permissions Password/Master Password' of the PDF document.

  • Provides Masking and Character set building options to recover PDF password in less time
  • Decrypts all Encryption levels applied to the PDF file
  • Supports Adobe Acrobat versions – 2.0 to 9.0



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Features - PDF Password Recovery


Below written are some of the major features of this utility


Unlock Password Protected PDF FileUnlock Password Protected PDF File

In case you have lost the password of your important PDF documents, the software can be immensely useful in retrieving the passwords. The software efficiently recovers the original 'Document Open Password', you have set for the document and helps in resetting PDF passwords by removing all security permissions.

Mask Module for Efficient RecoveryMask Module for Efficient Recovery

Under the 'Mask' module, you have the option to define the starting character of the password (If you remember exactly). You can also build the character set by putting a '?' in place of the unknown character. You can also define the accurate maximum length of the password to decrease the search time.


Supports DecryptionSupports Decryption from All PDF Encryption Levels

The software supports all encryption methods, involved in major versions of Adobe Acrobat. This software can decrypt any protected PDF file and allows you to reset PDF password by removing all its permission settings. The software supports decryption from 256 bit AES, 128 bit RC4, 128 bit AES and 40 bit RC4 encryption algorithms.

Faster RecoveryFaster Recovery with Character Filter Option

The software provides several useful options, which help in faster PDF password recovery. With the filter option of the software, you can narrow the password searching criteria by choosing the character sets – (a-z), (A-Z), (0-9), (All Printable), (Special Characters), (Space).


Advanced PDF Password RecoveryAdvanced PDF Password Recovery Techniques

Software incorporates many advanced techniques, which ensure successful recovery of the lost PDF password, irrespective of its complexity. The Brute Force Attack technique of the software checks for all possible combinations of characters in the password and thus ensures definite recovery. The specially designed Dictionary Attack technique of the software tries to build different password sets, depending upon your other passwords, saved in the system. Moreover, once it recovers a password, it saves in an unreadable format and shows it instantly, the next time you search for the same.

Generates Detailed Log ReportGenerates Detailed Log Report

On completion of the process, the software generates the detailed log report of the entire process of recovery or resetting PDF password. You can save the Log Report at any desired location, which can be helpful for any future reference.

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