Best Way To Permanently Destroy Your Data

Updated on January 16th, 2019

Rohit Arora

Well, it becomes a necessity to permanently destroy data in a number of situations from your digital storage devices, especially the hard drives that have the maximum usage worldwide. This action becomes necessary while disposing off the devices, reallocation or reusing them, or returning the leased digital storage devices that have become old. If it is not done so, your personal data or organizational data could be at risk. The reason being, your critical, sensitive and confidential business or personal information may fall into the wrong hands who, in turn, may misuse the data for personal benefit.

Cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015 (Source : Cybersecurity Ventures)

destroy data

Secondly, organizations have legal obligations depending on the country in which they are setup. Therefore, they must obey international laws such as GLBA, SOX, to HIPPA for preventing breaches in data security. Next, deleting data by using simply FORMAT, FDISK, and Delete command is unsafe and an old technique to destroy your data permanently.

Further, permanently destroying data permits an old hard drive that has started running quite slow to be fast. For a fast, safe, and efficient data erasure, it is suggested that you use a tool equipped with the following features and benefits:

  • Erase data from various hard drives together at once
  • Offers data erasure processing at a nominal charge
  • Erases data from all your data storage devices placed over a network
  • Offers simple execution process for the removal of data permanently
  • Erases your data at very high rate to speed up the completion of the process
  • Erases your data beyond the scope of data recovery by any service or software
  • Fulfills the maximum number of internationally recognized erasure standards
  • Generates reports and certificates for audit trails of the data erasure process
  • Supports various types of drives such as SATA, SSD, SAS, PATA, SCSI, USB, and IDE
  • Easy-to-understand graphical user interface to execute data erasure process
  • Usable on laptops, desktop/personal computers (PCs), external storage media devices, etc.

Finding a tool that offers features and benefits as mentioned above will serve the purpose for you. Keeping this in mind, it is suggested that you can use BitRaser, a certified and managed data erasure tool by Stellar Data Recovery – an industry expert in data recovery and data erasure solution.

This tool possesses the ability to serve your requirement of the best way to destroy your data permanently. The reasons are as follows:

  • It can boot from a dongle.
  • It can erase individual devices simultaneously.
  • It fulfils both internal and external corporate audit requirements with traceable reporting.
  • It performs erasure of data at exceedingly high or unparalleled speed regardless of the complexity.
  • It can remove data from all data storage devices such as laptops, desktops, internal or external hard drives, servers, RAIDs, etc.
  • It follows BDSG, GDPR, ISO27001, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, JPIPA, EU-DPA, IT-Act, PCi-DSS, and ISAE 3402-3416.
  • It offers live reporting about the data erasure process and permits sharing the report with various people.

Next, it offers complete data erasing irrespective of the nature of storage devices or type of industry which are as follows:

Telecom, Manufacturing, Consulting, BFSI, Recyclers and Refurbishers, Automotive, ITES (IT Enabled Services), Tour and Travel, Healthcare, Government bodies, Regulatory authorities, Research and development center, Educational institutes like schools, colleges, or universities.

Here, the process of data erasure from these industries depends on the type of business and confidentiality level in the particular enterprise, small or large. The reason being, several industries such as the governing bodies strictly demand to adhere to all data breach policy. Also, there exists several international laws and policy in companies that may ask to execute a complete audit. This is to ensure that storage drive disposal techniques have been followed correctly in an accurate way.

With all these attractive features, it has become the perfect tool for permanently destroying your data. In fact, it is the one-stop solution for permanently destroying the stored data in digital storage devices.

The Final Word
BitRaser is one of the safest and secure tools for deleting data that will erase and remove chances of data recovery. Now that you know that it is the best way to permanently destroy your data, i.e. for removal of data beyond the scope of recovery, you can use it to accomplish your task of erasing all those devices that you want to return, donate, or dispose of.

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  1. Erased my confidential and sensitive files with the help of data erasing software. I am in favor of this technique since no e-waste left behind.

    1. Hello Philips,

      It’s wonderful that you are aware of ill effects of e-waste. Please share the software among your friends and colleagues.

  2. As per my best knowledge, the best way to destroy any sensitive data (from any storage device) is using physical destruction techniques. It may be using a sledgehammer or drilling hard drive from punching machine.

    1. Hello Mark,

      The method mentioned by you create lots of E-waste. Kindly switch to any eco-friendly technique.

  3. The best way to sanitize old IT equipment for me is still using a sledgehammer and smashed with all the force. All the data vanished without any cost and in few seconds.

    1. Hi Ian,

      Physical Destruction method may be quick and fast, but it also pollutes the environment with huge heaps of solid waste. Please use some alternate ways.

  4. For me best way to permanently delete the data is by using data erasing software. It gives me complete satisfaction

    1. Hi Ethan,

      Yes, no doubt using data erasing method is both secured and certified (On being compared with Physical destruction, shredding etc)

    1. No, destroying data with any type of physical destruction software is not all secured. There may be chances that some parts of the platter are not properly destroyed. It may be recovered later on by the data thieves and thus leads to identity theft.

  5. Being working in the highly confidential government agency, safely disposing of data is our top priority. With millions of records and files in hard drive related to different cases. Any data leakage may destroy the dignity of our country. Currently, we are opting to secure erasing software. These software wipes all our hard drive and safely destroy our highly sensitive data.

  6. My experience for working with this software is amazing, all my sensitive and confidential data is permanently gone after using this. Another additional advantage about this software is that it also erasing internet activities that are stored on the hard disk.

  7. I really enjoyed the content of this blog. The blog keeps updating me to various data recovery concepts. But, gaining information related to data erasure is totally a new experience for me. For destroying data, physical destruction is only known method to me. Good to learn about data erasure software. Will surely try in future when required.

  8. Prior reading to this blog, the best way for destroying hard drive data for me is Physical Destruction. While dealing 15-20 hard disks in a day, the traditional method indeed produce lots of E-waste. After switching to greener method(data erasing software), really feels happy and secure.

  9. Since I attended last year E-scrap conference in my city, I found an interesting way of data erasing is a software driven approach. With no E-waste and increasing lifespan of the hard drive, this process is the need of the future. Although till now, I never tried the above mentioned software, but I would really want to use in future.

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