Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone – What’s New

Summary: The blog summarizes the advanced and updated features being offered by the latest release of Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone. These updated features not only makes the recovery operation easier, but also makes the application scalable and credible.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone – What’s New Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone – What’s New

Data Recovery Software for iPhone and iPad by Stellar aims at recovering deleted data from Photo Stream, Camera Roll, Voice Memo, Call History, Notes, Messages, etc. The application now comes with a new and updated version that incorporates several advanced features such as Deep Scan. This feature searches for the lost files based on the file signature and performs a comprehensive scan of the selected device. Other than iPhones, the software offers a complete recovery solution for other iOS devices as well.

Not only this, you can also recover data from latest apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Tango etc to name a few. Messages are recovered along with associated attachments. Let’s look at what’s new in Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone to enable users to get the best out of it!

Enhanced GUI

The application comes with an enhanced user interface which makes recovery easier for beginners and non-technical users. The updated interface offers a simple-to-follow guidelines and functional procedures which makes it quite straightforward to recover data from various iOS integrated folders. The improved GUI allows retrieving data from iCloud backup files as well as iTunes backup files by following an unpretentious procedure. The application doesn’t demand any particular expertise or technical know-how to recover data from iOS devices. Thus, all kind of users can explore it irrespective of their technical knowledge.

Deep Scan

As mentioned above this feature searches for the lost files based on the file signature and performs a comprehensive scan of the selected device. So for an instance, if the desired file is not listed in the detected files during quick scan, one can opt for Deep Scan  for the best results.

Mac Support

The latest version of Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone and iPad is now compatible to run over Mac machines. This version supports Mac OS X 10.8 and above. The latest version of the iOS recovery application works flawlessly with all these OS X releases. The major benefit is that the software offers similar functionality over Mac and Windows machines. Availability of software over Mac and Windows makes it even more scalable among users worldwide.

Windows 10 Support

The application’s compatibility to run over the latest Windows version helps it secure a place among the top listed iPhone recovery programs. The feature that makes it unique is that even though the software is meant to recover data from iPhone and iPad devices, the recovery procedure can be executed even on a Windows machine. Apart from the latest version, the software also supports Windows 8.1, 8, & 7. This makes it an app worth exploring.

Encrypted iTunes Support

ITunes backup files is the major source for data recovery in case of failure. Also, users’ data is encrypted, which, therefore, makes iTunes backup safe and reliable. However, problems arise when you accidentally delete some files from an encrypted iTunes backup. Here is when you can leverage this software. Though it doesn’t recover the data when the encryption password is lost, yet it facilitates recovery, once you provide the password to recover your deleted files.

Option to Import Files to iPhone

If you are using the Windows version of Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone, then you will more than happy to explore this feature of the software. It allows you to import the recovered files to iPhone by connecting your phone to Windows machine via USB. The improved GUI of the software allows you to transfer files to your iPhone in just four simple steps. All you need to do is to connect your device to your Windows system, then select the desired item to be imported such as Contacts, Messages etc. Next, select the intended device (in case multiple iPhone devices are connected) and lastly, click on OK to proceed.

Support for Multiple Device Connection

The software is not just meant to recover data from iPhone, in fact, it can retrieve and restore data back to any device that runs on an iOS platform. The Technician version of the software allows recovery from up to 50 devices. It is compatible with iPhone XS, XS Plus, XR, X, 8,  7,  7s,  6s,  6 Plus,  6,  5s,  5c,  5,  4s and 4 versions. In addition, the recovery process can be initiated for iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air 2. Not only this, the iPhone Data Recovery allows connecting more than one device when the recovery procedure is initiated on the Windows machine. This way the support to iOS devices is enhanced with the release of its updated version and recovery can be performed on multiple machines.

Enhanced Support for iOS and iTunes

What makes Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone worth exploring is the wide support to iOS 14 and below versions. In addition, it now supports all the latest version of iTunes for recovery of iTunes backup files. This attracts new iPhone users towards the software as they are provided with the ease to recover data from their latest iOS devices. The procedure to initiate the data recovery process is, perhaps, the same on all latest and older devices. The entire procedure is executed automatically in just a few clicks, and you can enjoy the ease of operation, irrespective of the iOS version you use.


Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone has become more advanced but what truly stands out is its ease-of-use. And, with enhanced support, compatibility and interface, the tool has now become an easier recovery utility. Most importantly, the ability to initiate iPhone recovery on Windows machine is something that makes it even more scalable than ever as a large number of iPhone users are Windows clients when it comes to desktop usage.

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