Permanently Erases Files, System Traces, Internet Activities & Drives

BitRaser for File

BitRaser for File is capable of erasing files, folders, Application traces, system traces, internet activities as well as volumes from Windows based systems without leaving any scope for recovery. With this tool, all the crucial information stored on the hard drive in the form of files and folders can be erased permanently.

  • Erases files & folders permanently beyond the scope of recovery

  • Erases installed Applications’ traces, system & internet activity traces
  • Option to schedule file eraser tasks at a predefined date and time
  • Option to erase data files with a single right-click
  • Offers 17 different advanced and standard algorithms for file eraser
  • Generates erase certificates when the files are erased after searching
  • Support for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Windows server 2012, 2008, 2003

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Key Features

Cleans Data from Email Tools icon

Cleans Data from Email Tools

When you are using Email clients on the desktop, a lot of crucial and confidential information is stored on your system. Accessing desktop and web email clients leaves a lot of important crucial information behind. Through standard data erase algorithms, all these traces of data stored in saved login and password, mail filter, offline emails etc. can be permanently removed using the BitRaser file erasure software. It supports email clients such as Eudora, Mozilla Thunderbird and IncrediMail, to name a few.

Erases traces of Internet Activities icon

Erases traces of Internet Activities

This file eraser software comes integrated with strong algorithms that can erase data permanently leaving no scope for recovery. With this software, you can as well erase the traces of your internet activities that are stored on the hard disk. Thus protecting your confidential information such as bank account details, online accounts credentials, payment details, important passcodes and access codes from falling in wrong hands.

Erases Peer to Peer Tools icon

Erases Peer to Peer Tools

Accessing Peer to Peer apps leaving behind a heap of residual data. This tool can efficiently remove all such information from the system permanently beyond the scope of recovery. Various supported Peer to Peer apps are BitSpirit, BitComet, MP3Rocket, Ares, Imesh, BearShare, SoulSeak, uTorrent, FrontWire, etc.

Erases Data Permanently icon

Erases Data Permanently

The File eraser tool allows you to erase data such as files, folders and selected volumes from the Windows compatible hard drives. You need to download, install and launch the software, and follow the procedure to successfully erase the files, application and system traces, volumes and your browsing history.

Additional Advantages

Erases Traces from MS Apps icon

Erases Traces from MS Apps

This file erase software helps in erasing the traces of data from Microsoft applications such as Windows Explorer, WordPad, Windows Media Player, Management Console, Clip Organizer, Paint and Access Snapshot Viewer, to name a few.

Multiple Erasure Algorithms icon

Multiple Erasure Algorithms

BitRaser for File supports 17 International erasure standards, which can be selected by you as per your requirement. Each of these are capable of erasing data beyond the scope of recovery.

Removes App Traces icon

Removes App Traces

While erasing the data from hard drive, BitRaser for File combines an array of applications and creates a group to make the erase operation easier. These application groups can then be selected to remove all the traces of extraneous files. The standard algorithms securely erase files which helps in optimizing system performance.

Removes Chat Messages  icon

Removes Chat Messages

Chat Messengers are used worldwide for professional and personal communication. These applications store the data in the chat history, which can be retrieved later. Hence, to avert the risk of confidential information falling in wrong hands, BitRaser for file is capable of erasing data from all popular chat messengers such as Yahoo and Skype, to name a few.

Windows Compatible icon

Windows Compatible

This software is capable of erasing data from Windows compatible machines and data storage drives such as PCs, laptops, USB flash drives, external storage devices, RAID drives and Servers. It is efficient enough to handle drives with large data storage capacity and can erase file from Server architectures.

Modified Protection icon

Modified Protection

This software comes with the password protection feature. The password protection will prevent other users from accessing the BitRaser for File. You can attain extended security by setting and providing an alphanumeric passcode. The assigned password can be changed or modified anytime later.

Search Module Available  icon

Search Module Available

The BitRaser for file eraser software is powered by advanced features, which allows you to search files you want to erase, by their respective names. This makes the file erase operation efficient as the user can straight away find the intended file or folder just by providing the keywords in search box. You can then erase data using any of the given 17 erasure algorithms.

Generate Task Certificate icon

Generate Task Certificate

This software has the option to generate certificate when the file is erased after searching. The software generates a tamper-proof certificate after completion of the erasure process, which you can save in PDF file format for future references.

Try BitRaser for File to permanently erases files, system traces, internet activities

*Free Download is only for software evaluation purpose

Software Specifications

System Requirement

ProcessorPentium Class

Operating SystemSupports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP & Server 2012, 2008 & 2003

Memory256 MB Minimum

Hard Disk40 MB of Free Space

Software Delivery


License & Version

Single User LicenseCan use only on a single system


Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish

Download Guides


Yes, it is absolutely safe to erase the unused space in the boot partition to enhance the system performance. As almost all the applications are installed in the boot partition, you should erase the unused space to ensure optimized performance.

Yes, you can erase specific file by adding it to the erasure list or you can also erase selected file through Erase Now option.

Yes, BitRaser for File erases files beyond scope of recovery.

No, BitRaser for file works independently of OS. It permanently removes data from the desired volume.

Yes, this software is compatible with Windows 10. You can erase any files easily from Windows 10 OS using it.

While the Single pass is enough to remove the data for forever. If data is more valuable, three pass is recommended.

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