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BitRaser File EraserRead informative article related to file wipe process through BitRaser for File software.

What Is Unused/Free Space and How to Erase Deleted Data from It with BitRaser File Eraser?

Unused disk space is also the space on disk that doesn't have any data on it. For e.g. in the below example, 882 GB of the 930 GB available space is free or ‘unused’. The total unused space in this case would be 882+70= 952 GB.

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How to Schedule an Erasure Task using BitRaser File Eraser?

BitRaser File Eraser is one of the best file erasing software which permanently erases files & folders, application and system traces, and Internet histories from your PC and Mac.

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Why Data Recovery Software Shows File Names of Data Wiped with BitRaser File Eraser software?

Know the reasons behind why data recovery software show the file name as “data wiped with BitRaser File Eraser” after erased with BitRaser File Eraser when we scan the drive.

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Why Use BitRaser File Eraser (Mac) when Disk Utility Secure Wipes The Entire Drive For Free

We can wipe the securely entire drive with disk utility on mac. So why we should use BitRaser File Eraser for mac. Know the reasons behind this.

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I want to Search for a specific file and delete it permanently. Is BitRaser for File software capable to do this?

This informative knowledge base guide about how to search & delete files permanently using BitRaser file eraser software.

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Does BitRaser File Eraser Software Removes Chat Messages?

This KB informs about how to remove confidential data from various chat messengers.

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BitRaser File Eraser Software is based on which Erasure Algorithm?

This KB informs about the 3 erasure algorithm supported by BitRaser for File which includes US dod wipe and NATO standards.

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How to Permanently Delete Files with BitRaser File Eraser?

The tool helps user in permanently wipe desired files from any primary or secondary storage drive.

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Why Ever Consider Wiping Sensitive Files from Hard Drive?

Why secure deletion of files from your Mac and PC hard drive is important?

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