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Why Use BitRaser File Eraser (Mac) when Disk Utility Secure Wipes The Entire Drive For Free

 Modified on: November 5, 2020 |    8986 views

You wouldn’t always want to wipe the entire drive volume. In fact mostly, you need to get rid of a few confidential and sensitive files beyond the scope of recovery.

The key difference between the two utilities is that unlike BitRaser File EraserDisk Utility can’t secure-erase or wipe individual files and folders on Mac.

Plus, the Disk Utility implements only DoD 5220.22 M data erasure standard while BitRaser File Eraser Mac features 3 International data erasure standards, DoD 5220.22-M (3passes), Zeroes and Pseudo- Random, etc.

With BitRaser File Eraser, you can choose the desired eraser standard to wipe a Mac volume or destroy sensitive files beyond recovery.

Following are a few more key advantages of BitRaser File Eraser over Disk Utility:

  1. Easy to use, intuitive user interface
  2. Secure-erases files, folder, and volumes
  3. Automates data eraser tasks
  4. Secure wipes hidden and sensitive data such as browsing history, saved passwords, autofill data, chat messages, email databases, card details, and more
  5. Secure wipes unused or empty space on Mac drives
  6. Generates digitally-signed and tamper-proof erasure report
  7. Helps meet regulatory compliances and data protection laws such as GDPR
  8. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 and latest versions up to 10.15 Catalina


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BitRaser File Eraser BitRaser File Eraser is a certified data eraser software that helps you to wipe file, folders, internet activities, application traces, system traces as well as hard disk drives from Windows operating systems without leaving any scope for recovery. This file wipe tool will permanently erase all the crucial information stored in any type of storage devices.

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