• Stellar Phoenix Repair for JPEG

Stellar Phoenix Repair for JPEG

Powerful JPEG repair software for corrupt or damaged JPEG files


Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair is a powerful JPEG/JPG repair software that repairs corrupt or damaged photographs and image files, having JPEG or JPG file extension without modifying their original formatting.

  • Repairs JPEG/JPG files with original format intact
  • Repairs and extracts Thumbnails of the JPEG file
  • Repairs corrupt header, JPEG File Data, invalid JPEG file structure etc.
  • Secure and read-only photo repair software
  • Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP
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Key Features

Let’s explore major features of this advance JPEG repair tool

JPG File Repair icon

JPG File Repair

Repairs corrupt or damaged JPEG image files and recover them back from the flash memory cards, memory sticks, computer hard drives or any other secondary storage media. Stellar JPEG Repair fixes your completely unreadable JPEG/JPG files even under the situations of corrupt header, corrupt JPEG data, invalid JPEG file structure etc.

Extract Thumbnails of Corrupt Files icon

Extract Thumbnails of Corrupt Files

This JPEG recovery software can easily extract the embedded thumbnail image of severely corrupt JPEG files without compromising its visual fidelity. This feature is particularly important for all JPEG images, which have undergone damages or corruptions beyond repair. With Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair, you can get the thumbnail images of those files.

Faster, Improved Scanning Engine icon

Faster, Improved Scanning Engine

The optimized scanning engine inbuilt with this tool can improve its repair performance by many folds. The software can conveniently scan multiple JPEG files in a batch and give you precise results in less time than expected.

Saving the Repaired JPEG File icon

Saving the Repaired JPEG File

Besides the ability to perform flawless repair, the software has the benefit of flexible saving options. You can save the repaired jpeg photos at any location of your choice. The software saves all thumbnails of repaired JPEG files to a separate folder.

Preview of Repaired Images icon

Preview of Repaired Images

JPEG recovery tool provides an option to preview repaired jpeg files after scan so that you can check for inconsistencies in your repaired images prior to saving. The tool has a knack of repairing all images intact. Once you find that there are no differences, you can choose to save them at any location of your storage media.

Easy to Use Interface icon

Easy to Use Interface

This JPEG repair tool is very easy to use with its straightforward and intuitive GUI. You will find a progress bar that reveals the exact status of a scanning or saving process. After completion of a task, you are provided with appropriate messages to know if the task completed successfully.



No, Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair software does not recover lost or deleted JPEG/JPG files. Software will only repair the corrupted JPEG/JPG files.

The full form of JPEG is 'Joint Photographic Experts Group'. It is one of the common methods of lossy compression for digital photography. In other words, it is the standard method of compressing digital photographs. The file extensions used by JPEG format are .JPEG, .JPG, .JFIF, or .JPE.

Hope it is pretty much clear from the above paragraph that JPEG and JPG both are same. However, at times some programs only recognize three letters of extension so JPG is used there.

Compact or reduced size version of a picture is called its thumbnail. Through this small form of an image you get an idea how an image looks like.

No, Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair does not support repair of compressed JPEG files.

The software shows this error when it does not find the marker in your JPEG file. In such situations, the software fails to do the repair.

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User Comments



I asked some questions in query section and they replied me very fast. I bought this tool in $39 to repair my photos. I like its fast response and process for photo repairing.



I was looking for a software to repair my photos and this fulfilled my requirements. I used its SOHO license which also extract thumbnails of my photos.



I saved some photos to enter in the blogs but due to sudden shut down, all photos got corrupted. User can select multiple file at a time and repair it.



First I experimented with photo repair techniques but all failed then, I tried this software. It saved my time and repaired my all corrupt photos. Thanks a lot



There is no comparison of this software because it is having very good features. It really cares its users. My husband purchased this to repair some photos so I tried this.



I do not know about the algorithm in which it is based but I really like working process. Thanks Stellar Data Recovery for this amazing tool and you did a great job.



The initial impression is very good of this software because everything is very clear in the interface. In a first attempt, it repaired my photos successfully. I really like this software.



I do not want to take any risk with my images. Thankfully I used this tool to repair my images. This tool did its job fantastically.



I am a student and I had some photographs which I have taken for my assignment. I clicked the photos by a digital camera and quality of photos were great. When I repaired some photos by this tool then it returns the photos in same quality. Such a nice tool



This is the wonderful software. Easy interface and fast scanning repairing makes it reliable. It was a good experience to handle the software. No extra burden to read out the guides and all.



I bought this for my friend to repair his photos and it repaired them successfully. I received thousands thanks from his side. I also like this tool. I do not have corrupt photos yet but it this software is for lifetime so; I am ready for any problem.



Nobody can live a moment twice and photographs are memories which helps you to be happy. I had some snaps of my mother’s 50th birthday but when I opened them, they were distorted with their quality. Read so many articles and blogs then, I got the idea to use a third party tool. It really helped to me correct my photographs.



This is the best way to repair photos because I repaired my son’s first birthday photos by this. It shows preview of damaged photos before saving it.



I had some photographs of my London trip but when I opened them in my PC, they had blur lines. I read about this symptom and it was corruption related. I downloaded this tool and tried on my photographs. It worked superb.



It is easy to use tool.


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