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Stellar Phoenix Active Directory Repair

Repairs Active Directory database file ('ntds.dit') to fix erratic behavior

Stellar Phoenix Active Directory Repair is a professional Active Directory repair software that checks, analyses, and repairs corrupt Active Directory databases. The software restores all AD objects to a new AD database having the same domain name on another machine.

  • Efficiently repairs Active Directory database corruption
  • Repairs users, groups, contacts, computers, and other objects
  • Retains the properties of users, groups, computers, and more
  • Sets default or random passwords for user accounts
  • Supports Windows Server 2012, 2008 & 2003





Using non-invasive methods, the software performs Active Directory repairs and helps avoiding any major AD disasters. Mentioned below are some salient features of the tool:



Active Directory Repair iconActive Directory Repair

The software enables you to repair the corrupt Active Directory database (NTDS.dit file) and resolve the dreaded situations of AD failure or corruption due to disk problems, memory failures etc. The tool brings the AD database to a workable state restoring every component present in the database file. After making the repair, the database contains all the configuration data as well as user rights and attributes definition data.

Restores Active Directory Objects iconRestores Active Directory Objects

Stellar Active Directory Repair resurrects every component of your Active Directory without any errors or making your database file structurally inconsistent. You can use the software to restore Organizational Units, Contacts, Computers, MSMQs, Groups, InetOrgPersons, and Users. Using the software, you can perform a full restore of the Active Directory database and resume the directory service as before.


Restores Properties of AD Objects iconRestores Properties of AD Objects

The tool has a knack of rebuilding your Active Directory while restoring all the properties of users, groups, computers, and other AD objects in your database. Once the repair is done, you have the same rights and properties for all objects to make your AD work flawlessly. Using this software, you can extract the nitty-gritty details of each AD component and resume network administration tasks in no time.

Sets Default or Random Passwords to User Accounts iconSets Default or Random Passwords to User Accounts

Stellar Phoenix Active Directory Repair software allows resetting the passwords of all user accounts to either a default password of your choice or any random sequence of passwords. You can save these passwords for your convenience to a text file on the system. Moreover, you have the option to force the user change his password at the next logon.


Preview of Active Directory Objects iconPreview of Active Directory Objects

With a built-in file previewer, the software allows you to instantly view all the Active Directory objects as well as configuration data after performing the scan. You can preview all AD objects (users, groups, computers, InetOrgPerson, MSMQs, Printer, Contact, and more) to rest assured that the corruption has been resolved and every object has the same set of properties and configuration that existed before.

Three-Step Active Directory Repair iconThree-Step Active Directory Repair

With user-friendly interface featuring a short set of instructions, the software is easy to understand for anyone who has never performed the task. The tool has a three-step repair process: 'Select the corrupt ntds.dit file', 'Scan and preview the recoverable file', and 'Save the file at any location of choice'. By providing flexible repair options, the tool eliminates any possibility for errors.

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* Free Download allows scanning and previewing your Active Directory (ntds.dit) file. To repair and save this file to your system, you need to register the product.



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  • What is the difference between the Demo and Full version of Stellar Phoenix Active Directory Repair?

    The Demo version of the software shows preview of all the objects in your Active Directory database. To repair and save the database, you need to purchase the Full version.

  • Why do I need to prepare a new Active Directory database on the new server with the same domain name?

    You need to create an Active Directory database on the new server with the same domain name, as the software will restore all the Active Directory objects of your corrupt database to this newly created database.

  • Can I attach the hard drive having the corrupt Active Directory database to a working computer as a master?

    No, you need to attach the hard drive containing your Active Directory database to a working computer only as a slave.


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