How Much Lost Data Can I Recover From MacBook Pro?

Updated on February 7, 2019

Are you wondering about the possible extent of data recovery from your MacBook Pro?

Well, data recovery depends on a few important factors, which range from the actions you take after the data deletion from your storage drive to the software you select for the deleted data recovery. Once you have installed a data recovery tool on your MacBook, next you should adopt a number of precautions to ensure maximum recovery of lost data from the MacBook.

Best Practices to Ensure Maximum Data Recovery from a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air

Follow the best practices mentioned below to ensure that your data is not lost.

  1. Stop Using the MacBook / Drive
  2. Data deleted from the MacBook is not actually deleted from its storage device; instead, the directory information of the file or folder is removed and that makes the file invisible to the operating system. Continuing to use the MacBook drive after data loss can overwrite the existing files thereby making the process of data recovery futile. Once you identify that you have lost some important files and folders, stop using the hard drive, and begin the data recovery process immediately by using a data recovery software.

  3. Use a Reliable MacBook Pro Data Recovery Software
  4. Choosing a reliable data recovery software is pivotal in the data recovery process, it is the most important deciding factor - whether your data will recover or not. Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is one such trusted software amongst Mac universe. This handy tool is suitable for all your data recovery needs. The software is easy to use and highly effective in data recovery process especially from many variants of MacBook Pro.

    The MacBook data recovery software does not just recover files from existing drives but also from external sources such as the Time Machine, encrypted drives, BootCamp Partition, SD cards, Fusion Drives and much more.

    It is also capable of searching and recovering files from deleted partitions, Trash and Download folders. The most recent version of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is compatible with macOS Mojave and supports both 32 and 64-bit system architecture.

    Follow the below steps to easily recover data from your MacBook using the Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac.

  • Download Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac
  • Install & Run the software to recover gigabytes of MacBook data
  • Choose Customize Your Scan or Recover Everything and click Next
  • Select Macintosh HD from the Select Location screen
  • (Now comes the most helpful software tip for your benefit. Toggle-On Deep Scan to recover the maximum amount of lost and deleted data from a MacBook drive)

  • Click Scan and let the software to scan all the sectors present on the drive
  • (After scanning, the software lists the maximum number of recoverable files)

  • Select the files to save and click Recover
  • Do Keep in mind that leveraging ‘Deep Scan’ option enables you to recover the maximum number of files from your Mac or MacBook.

  1. Organize the Recovered Data Back to MacBook

The files recovered using the Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac software should be restored from the destination location to the original location of the MacBook. Further, if you believe in making 3-2-1 backup strategy then move the recovered data to an iCloud. This may be a temporary but effective move to avoid a future data disaster on your MacBook.


If you have taken precautions mentioned in the blog, your chances of overwriting data would be eliminated. In case your hard drive does not suffer from any physical damage, you may be able to recover up to 100% of your lost data using Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac. This software supports the latest MacBook Pro 2018 and also the earlier versions.


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