How to Clear Microsoft Edge Cache & Cookies?

Microsoft Edge is an all-new web browser that allows users to have a faster, more secure, and personalized internet surfing experience. Like other browsers, it keeps storing cookies and cache from your browsing activities, and later, when you revisit a website, the browser uses this information to enable a faster page-loading experience.

Many users might see this data as insignificant and harmless. However, this data is a big source of confidential information containing your search patterns, financial details, history, and more. If you don’t wipe this data from an old computer’s storage drive before discarding or reselling it, it might get exposed to unwanted sources. Doing so is a clear invitation to privacy breaches, financial loss, or even identity thefts.

While browser cookies, cache, and other data stored on a user’s PC are mainly used to streamline the browsing experience, their long-term accumulation may lead to performance issues.

Hence, one must securely and regularly clear Microsoft Edge cache and cookies to avoid such extreme incidents and performance downfalls.

Is it Possible to Securely Clear Cache and Cookies in Edge?

Numerous conventional methods, such as deleting cookies and cache via browser settings, are available for quickly clearing cache and cookies in Microsoft Edge.

However, none of these methods offer secure & permanent deletion of this easily accessible data from your computer. Such insecure deletion methods, in fact, allow cybercriminals to have unchecked access to your deleted data, personal files, etc.

Conventional deletion methods allow cybercriminals to have unchecked access to your deleted data, personal files, etc.

You must be wondering why we are so determined on getting the Edge cache and cookies off your computer in a secure way. Well, here’s a list of problems you can face if your confidential data falls into the wrong hands –

  • Privacy breach
  • Unwarranted data leak
  • Possible identity theft
  • Unauthorized use of credit card details resulting in financial loss
  • Restricted corporate information leak
  • Ruined credit history
  • Legal complications

This list above contains only a handful of data misuse scenarios. Their repercussions far extend this list that an average Joe can comprehend. Therefore, we should avoid such scenarios and permanently wipe the cache and cookies in Edge.

Is there a Way to Securely Clear Microsoft Edge Cache and Cookies?

Unlike browser or system-based methods, which leave you at an ever-growing risk of data leak and misuse, there is a way to securely clear Edge browser cookies and cache.

Whether you want to sell, discard, or hand over your old Windows PC to a close contact, using a file eraser like Stellar File Eraser permanently clears cookies, cache, and other critical Microsoft Edge data from your PC.

At its core, Stellar File Eraser is an advanced file eraser that uses systematic data-wiping algorithms to overwrite deleted and existing data multiple times to make it irrecoverable. The tool also provides a built-in scheduler to help you schedule the file erasure process in advance. The result – safe and secure file erasure, wherever and whenever you want.

The result – safe and secure file erasure, wherever and whenever you want.

Want to experience a hassle-free way to clear Edge cookies and cache? Follow this step-by-step guide below to use the Stellar File Eraser on your PC –

  • Purchase and install Stellar File Eraser from its official website.
  • Launch it.
  • Click on Erase Traces in the left pane.

use stellar file eraser to permanently clear cache and cookies in edge

  • Expand internet activity to select Microsoft Edge.
  • Further, expand on the Microsoft Edge option to choose your account, select the DEFAULT profile, and expand it.
  • Select the folders you want to erase from the system permanently. You should select everything given here.
wipe edge cache and cookies from your PC
  • Once selected, click on Erase Now.
  • Wait for the process to end.

Benefits of using a Secure File Eraser

  • Permanently erase files and data from your PC.
  • Safeguard yourself from unwanted privacy breaches.
  • Protect your personal information, deleted data, and vital application traces that could lead to potential financial losses, identity thefts, etc.

Why is Browser-based Deletion of Cookies and Cache in Edge Unreliable?

No doubt, deleting cookies and cache from the browser itself is a convenient way to make some quick space in the storage drive and optimize the performance of your system. But, reselling or donating your computer without securely deleting browsing history can be a wild move. Any cybercriminal can recover such sensitive data for ill-intent.

Therefore, it is in your best interests to employ an advanced file eraser to clear Edge cache and cookies from your PC.

No More Stale Cookies to Ruin Your Day

Leaving confidential data on a computer before discarding it can have greater implications, resulting in all possible scenarios of data misuse.

Hence, it becomes vital to carefully and securely clear edge cookies, cache, and other user-related information from your system. For doing this, the most practical method is using an advanced file eraser.

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