Stellar Deduplicator for Outlook

Duplicate Email Remover

Stellar Deduplicator for Outlook is a useful utility to enhance Outlook performance by removing duplicate emails from the user mailboxes. The tool remarkably decreases the size of the Outlook PST files and thus helps in preventing PST corruption due to over-sized.

  • Efficiently locates and deletes duplicate emails

  • Provides options to mark duplicate emails as 'Expired' or can be 'Copied/Moved' to a different folder
  • Supports Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003
*Free Download offers preview of mailboxes from which duplicate items can be removed

Key Features

Effective Outlook Duplicate Email Remover

This powerful Outlook duplicate items remover utility scans your selected mailboxes for duplicate emails and efficiently removes them, based upon the predefined criteria. The software scans the entire mailbox, including the 'Inbox', Sent Items, 'Outbox' 'Deleted Items folder' etc. and finds out all the duplicate/multiple copies of emails.

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Personalized Action on Duplicate Emails

After listing the duplicate mails from the selected mailboxes, the software provides various actions to be taken on them. This option helps you personalize your action on duplicate mails, each time you scan for them. Various 'Actions' available with the software include – 'Delete (move to Deleted Items folder)', 'Mark as Expired', 'Copy to folder', 'Move to folder', 'Mark with the flag', 'Delete permanently'.

Removes Duplicate Outlook Emails from Multiple folders

The software provides option to select multiple numbers of folder at a time and thus allows you to remove the unwanted duplicate emails from all the selected folders from your MS Outlook application.

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Removes Duplicate Mails, Received / Sent within Defined Time Span

Finds out all the duplicate copies of mails, which fall within the specified time period. The Outlook duplicate email remover software provides a number of defined time-range, such as 'Last Day', 'Last 2 days', Last 30 days, last year, 'Anytime' etc. and finds out the duplicate mails, falling within the selected range

More Awesome Features

Generates Detailed Log Report for Future Reference

This Outlook duplicate remover utility creates a log report that stores all the details of the entire process and helps in analyzing the activities in future. Each log report provides information regarding the duplicate copies of emails, found during scanning.

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Appears as an 'Add In' in Outlook

Once Stellar Deduplicator for Outlook installs on your system, it appears as an Add-In icon on the top left corner of your Outlook application. This feature of the software is very handy and helps in using the utility from within your Outlook.

Wide Range of Scan Criteria to Find Outlook Duplicate Mail

This duplicate email remover utility provides a wide range of matching criteria, on the basis of which the software identifies the duplicate copies of mails from the selected mailboxes. The list of scan criteria provided by the software includes – 'Text', 'Subject', 'Sender Email', 'Sender Name', 'Recipient Name', 'Internet Header', 'Attachment Files', 'Date and Time of Sending'

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Interactive and Easy-To-Use

Stellar Deduplicator for Outlook provides a simple and interactive graphical user interface. Along with detailed instructions for each step, any user can easily use the software, without even any further assistance

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Technical Specifications

About Product

Stellar Deduplicator for Outlook


Release Date

December, 2018


Can use only on a single system

Version Support

MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003


Standard & Toolkit

End User License Agreement


Language Supported

English, German, French

System Requirements

Stellar Deduplicator for Outlook


Pentium Class

Operating System

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP


1 GB Minimum

Hard Disk

100 MB of Free Space

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*Free Download offers preview of mailboxes from which duplicate items can be removed

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With every passing day, your mailbox starts growing in size and the mail access speed becomes slow. Moreover, your MS Outlook stores the mail items in a PST file, which has a maximum permissible size limit. If the size of the PST file increases beyond the maximum permissibly size limit, it gets corrupted and all the mails in it becomes inaccessible. Stellar Deduplicator for Outlook helps in removing unwanted duplicate mails which reduces the overall PST size and makes the Outlook run faster.


The free Demo version of this software scans the selected Outlook mailboxes and provides the total number of duplicate mails present. In order to delete duplicate emails, you need to purchase and activate the full version of the software.


Yes, it is possible to move all the duplicate mails to a separate folder. In order to do this, you can choose the 'Copy to folder.' option of this Outlook duplicate items remover software and provide the path of the folder in 'Folder' text box.


You can choose the 'Anytime' option from the list of 'Time Span' and the software will list all the duplicate emails, till date.


Yes, you can track all your mails that you had deleted last time from the software Log Report. Stellar Deduplicator for Outlook generates and gives option to save the detailed log report of the entire process. You can open the last saved log report and find out the mails, you had deleted last time.


No, the software provides option to select folder and not an individual Outlook mail.


Yes, the software supports all MS Outlook versions ( 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003).