Because of importing the PST files multiple times or by any network problem, Outlook gathers multiple copies of the same mail. These unwanted duplicate mails increase the PST size, which can result in the corruption of the PST file and all your precious mails will be completely inaccessible. Moreover, with increase in the PST size, Outlook slows down and normal operations, like opening/finding/moving of mails take unusually longer time.

Stellar Outlook Duplicate Remover is an innovative utility to enhance Outlook performance by searching for the duplicate emails in your MS Outlook mailbox and removing them efficiently. The software installs and appears as an add-in icon on the tool bar of your MS Outlook application. Moreover, the software provides various scan criteria to exactly list out the duplicate mails and removes them in few simple steps. Below steps will guide you through the duplicate email removal process of the software.

How to remove duplicate emails, using Stellar Outlook Duplicate Remover:

Run Stellar Outlook Duplicate Remover by clicking the add-in icon of the software from the tool bar. 

The 'Folder List' window is displayed. Select the mail folders, from which you want to search for the duplicate emails and click 'Next'.

Another window opens. Choose the 'Time Span', 'Comparison Criteria' and 'Action' from the drop down boxes. Click 'Run Process' to begin the operation.

  The progress bar at the bottom of the interface indicates that the process is going on. Simultaneously, the software shows the number of duplicate emails, found so far.

When the process completes, a process completed message box is displayed. Click 'OK'.

The 'Log report' of the entire process is shown. You can click 'Save Log' to store the report for any future reference.