• Stellar Phoenix Repair for SQLite

Stellar Phoenix Repair for SQLite

Repair damaged or corrupt SQLite database files

Stellar Phoenix Repair for SQLite has been exclusively developed to repair corrupt or damaged SQLite databases. Software has powerful algorithms that can scan through SQLITE as well as DB files and repair them in a completely non-destructive manner.

  • Scans and repairs corrupt DB & SQLITE files
  • Repairs tables, views, triggers, primary & unique key
  • Easily recovers all deleted records from the database
  • Supports large DB / SQLITE files of SQLite3
  • Previews repairable objects of the database
  • Works on Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7
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Key Features



Repair SQLite Database Files icon

Repair SQLite Database Files

Software helps in repairing corrupt or damaged SQLITE databases. It scans through the selected database and recover every objects from corrupt database. SQLite database could get corrupt due to numerous reasons including virus attack, unexpected system shutdown and media read error but with the powerful tool of Stellar Phoenix Repair for SQLite, you can repair even the badly corrupted files.

Recover Deleted Records  icon

Recover Deleted Records

SQLite Database repair software gives you an option to include deleted records in the repaired SQLite database file. Even if the deleted records were corrupted, Stellar Phoenix Repair for SQLite is capable of recovering those records and putting them in the repaired file. There is a separate option to include deleted records in the software which can be checked or unchecked during the repair process, according to the requirements.

Repair Different Database Objects   icon

Repair Different Database Objects

With SQLite database recovery software, it is possible to recover different components of the databases which include tables, views and triggers. Apart from that it, is also possible to recover primary keys and unique keys of tables. The software does not just repair SQLite database but it can also recover deleted records. And, it is possible to repair and recover predefined defaults and default values of the database.

Preview Database Objects before Saving  icon

Preview Database Objects before Saving

All the files repaired by the software can be previewed before being saved. Every database component which has been repaired and is in a healthy condition is displayed on the three pane window. This helps in selecting and saving only specific database items that are needed which in turn saves a lot of storage space and time. There is also a Find option which helps in finding database components through a specific keyword.

Clean Three Pane View icon

Clean Three Pane View

With the three pane view of SQLite database recovery software, it’s extremely easy to view different database components and the data saved in each one of them.The left side pane of the screen has database objects that are listed in a tree like structure, the right side pane displays all the records and data stored inside selected database object while the bottom pane shows log reports of the entire repair process.

Complete Log Report  icon

Complete Log Report

SQLite recovery tool generates log report of the entire repair processes.These could be very useful if you are looking to analyse the data and the repair process done in the database. This report can be directly viewed in the bottom pane of the software; you can save the entire log report for future use. There is also a separate option to clear the log, if it’s needed for a new repair process.

Save Recovered Data icon

Save Recovered Data

After the recovery process is done, Stellar Phoenix Repair for SQLite lists all the database items that have been repaired and are ready to be saved. Users can select and save the data in either .db or .sqlite format. The software also gives an option to recreate a new database which would only have the repaired files in it.

Find Database Components  icon

Find Database Components

This SQLite database repair software has a ‘Find Option’ which makes it extremely easy to find database components among the repaired items. The Find option is present right on the preview window. There is also a ‘Match case’ option provided along with the Find option to lower down the search even more.

Easy to Understand GUI icon

Easy to Understand GUI

The entire software has extremely sorted graphical user interface. Any new user can work through the software in one go without much training. The interface has easy to understand menus and buttons to complete the entire repairing process smoothly from start to the end. The GUI of this SQLite repair software is specifically designed to help the users work around the software easily and repair corrupted SQLite databases efficiently.

Great Support and Compatibility  icon

Great Support and Compatibility

Stellar Phoenix Repair for SQLite supports large DB/ SQLITE files for SQLite3. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7. Apart from that, you also get great support help from Stellar Data Recovery. Our technical experts are available to help you Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day. Any problem faced by the users can be quickly resolved through our technical experts.



Demo version of Stellar Phoenix Repair for SQLite only shows the preview of repaired SQLite database file. To save the repaired SQLite database, you need to register the full version of the software.

Yes, you can repair any particular table of SQLite database. You need to select desired table from the list and start the repairing process. After repairing, software enables you to save the repaired table.

The simple answer is YES. It also supports Windows 8.1, 8, & 7.

There is a ‘Find Files’ option in the software. It searches all the .db& .sqlite files present in the selected drive. Now you can choose your desired file from the list to repair.

You can see all the happening activities during repair process through log report. Software generates log report that records all the happening activities during the repair process. It can be view at the bottom of user interface. By default, this pane is viewable. If in case this pane not viewable then you can enable it by selecting the Log window checkbox from the view section.


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