Mac Partition Recovery On Windows

Product specs
Product Spec

Stellar Phoenix Mac Recovery on Windows

Recovers all your lost Mac data through a Windows system

This Mac data recovery on Windows software has been designed to run on Windows operating system based computer. In case, your Mac has any problem, the software helps recovering your lost data by connecting the Mac hard drive to any Windows system.

  • Recovers all your data (documents, photos, music, and videos) from lost, deleted, inaccessible, or formatted Mac volumes
  • Recovers valuable data from crashed Mac hard drives and iPods, irrespective of software/hardware limitations
  • Recognizes and recovers data from any HFS, HFS+, HFSX & HFS Wrapper file system based Mac volumes
  • Compatible with Windows Servers (2000-2008), Vista, 2003, XP and 2000


Included Free Utility:

  • Imaging – Creates image of the entire Mac hard drive/volume or any selected region.


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* Free Download provides free evaluation of the software by showing preview of all recoverable files and folders.

Features – Mac Recovery on Windows


If your Mac has crashed or non-booting and you do not have an additional Mac machine with you, the software performs Mac data recovery through a Windows system. Some of the key features of this useful utility are as below:

Mac Data Recovery on Windows SystemMac Data Recovery on Windows System

The software runs on Windows and with this useful software, you can perform data recovery Mac on Windows based computers, in situations when your Mac is not working. The software enables you to recover all lost, deleted, or inaccessible data by connecting the troubled Mac hard drive to any Windows operating system based computer.

Deleted File RecoveryDeleted File Recovery

The software provides a distinguished option - 'Deleted File Recovery', to recover your precious files and folders, which have been completely deleted from the Mac hard drive or volume. With this option, the software provides two sub-options – 'Quick Scan' and 'Deep Scan'. Quick Scan is faster, whereas Deep Scan is more efficient in finding the deleted files.


Formatted Data Recovery Formatted Data Recovery

With Stellar Mac Data Recovery Windows software, you can recover your data lost due to formatting of any Mac media. The software is programmed with advanced algorithms to scan the formatted hard drive, volume or any other Mac supported storage media and recovers all your precious data, which are lost because of formatting.

Lost or Deleted Volume RecoveryLost or Deleted Volume Recovery

The software is efficient enough to search for all the preexisting Mac volumes, which have been lost or completely deleted from your hard drive. After all the lost volumes in the hard drive are found, there are further three powerful recovery methods to choose from – ‘Quick Recovery’, ‘Deleted File Recovery’, and ‘Advance Recovery’.


Music, Video, and Photo Recovery Music, Video, and Photo Recovery

This Mac Recovery on Windows software provides a useful option to recover all your lost photos, music, videos, and other multimedia files from any physical Mac drive or volume. Advanced users can also select starting and ending sectors of the hard drive to recover data only form the specified region of the hard drive.

iPod RecoveryiPod Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery on Windows can be immensely useful for the iPod users in recovering their lost, deleted or formatted iPod data. The software provides different options (Quick Recovery, Deleted File Recovery, and Formatted Media/Lost File Recovery) to recover music, videos, photos, pod casts and other iPod data from any iPod Classic or iPod Shuffle.


Preview of All Recoverable FilesPreview of All Recoverable Files

This data recovery Mac on Windows software provides preview of all your lost or deleted files, which can be recovered by the software. After successful scanning of the troubled Mac media, the software lists all recoverable files and folders in a tree structure. You can click any file to see its preview, whereas files, whose preview is not possible, are shown in hex-viewer.

Find Specific Files from Scan ResultFind Specific Files from Scan Result

The 'Find' option in the software helps in searching the required files from a huge pool of scan result. On completion of the scanning process, the software lists all the recoverable files in a tree structure. With the 'Find' option, you can specify the file name or file extension and get the needed files from the tree for recovery.


Filter Option to Recover Specific File TypesFilter Option to Recover Specific File Types

With the 'Filter' option of this Mac Recovery on Windows software, you can select and save only the required file types. Before saving the recovered files, the software allows you to apply filters, which stores file only after matching with the specified file extensions. While setting filters, the software allows including, excluding and removing file types in the filter.

Resume Recovery, Whenever DesiredResume Recovery, Whenever Desired

The software allows resuming the data recovery process from the previously saved image file or the scan information. While recovering from the disk image, the software allows performing Quick Recovery, Deleted File Recovery, Formatted Media/Lost File Recovery, and Search Lost/Deleted Volumes. In case of recovery from the volume image, it allows Quick Recovery, Deleted File Recovery, Advance Recovery, and Photos, Music & Video File Recovery.


Bonus Tools – Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery on Windows provides one worth keeping free utility that can help recovering your precious data, in case of data loss or inaccessibility.



With the 'Create Image' option of this data recovery Mac on Windows software, you can create and keep image of your Mac hard drive, volume, or any selected region. This image file (.dmg) can be helpful in recovering your data in case of data loss or drive failure. Note that it is always sensible to keep the image files at a safe place, preferably in a media other than the system hard drive.

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* Free Download provides free evaluation of the software by showing preview of all recoverable files and folders.



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