• Stellar SpeedUp Mac

Stellar SpeedUp Mac

Advance Mac cleaner software that optimizes OS X El Capitan performance


Mac Speed Up utility to free up disk space and enhance system performance by removing unwanted files, duplicates and unused applications from Macintosh HD.

  • Free Removes Logs, Trash, Leftovers, junk files, and manages extensions from your Mac
  • Speeds up both the boot volume as well as the other volumes
  • Completely uninstalls unwanted Applications in simple 'Drag and Drop' operation
  • Removes duplicate files from iTunes, iPhoto, iMovies, iWork and Aperture
  • Supports OS X El Capitan 10.11
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Key Features

Stellar SpeedUp Mac is the software of choice for giving your Mac the rocket speed by removing all duplicate files, system junks, binary, language files and uninstalling applications. Here are some salient features of this free software.

Automatically Speed Up the Boot Volume icon

Automatically Speed Up the Boot Volume

Stellar Speedup Mac automatically detects the boot volume and recommends for scan. The software scans all the Log files, System Junks, Trashes & Leftovers, Manage Extensions, Cache files, universal binaries, language files, large files, and duplicate files, which make the Mac slow and unresponsive. The tool then lists them all in the software interface, which you can remove with a single click of the button.

Remove Junks with Free Version icon

Remove Junks with Free Version

With the demo version of the software, you can remove the Log files, System Junks, Trashes & Leftovers, and Manage Extensions from the boot volume of your Mac completely free of cost.

Speed Up Other Mac Volumes icon

Speed Up Other Mac Volumes

You can go for a custom scan where you can clean up the volumes other than the Boot volume of your Mac. The software intelligently lists all the secondary volumes in your Mac and runs the modules to remove the Universal Binaries, Language Files, Large files, and Duplicate files from them.

Uninstall any Application by Drag & Drop icon

Uninstall any Application by Drag & Drop

Uninstall any unwanted Application, Widget (System as well as User installed) or Plug-in from your Mac by simple ‘Dragging and Drop’ to the Application Uninstaller Area. You can enable the 'Automatic uninstaller' option to uninstall an application, when dragged into the Trash. The 'Applications' option lists all the applications installed inside the Application folder of the system, so that you can easily choose among them to uninstall the unwanted ones. Similarly, the 'Widgets' and 'Plugins' options helps in listing all the Widgets and Plug-ins installed in the Mac system, from which you can select the unwanted ones to uninstall.

Quick Look Button to Preview before Removing Files icon

Quick Look Button to Preview before Removing Files

Preview all Image, Audio or even Video files, and any other data then and there before removing them from the system. You can select the file and click 'Quick Look' button on the tool bar to get a quick preview of the file, which will avoid removing a needed file.

Scheduler to Automate Tasks icon

Scheduler to Automate Tasks

Scheduler preferences can be defined to perform various clean up my Mac tasks at a desired Time and Date. Tasks will be automatically executed at the specified time, when the software runs. The scheduler can also be helpful in launching and updating Speed Up Mac.

Filters to Refine Searching Unwanted Files icon

Filters to Refine Searching Unwanted Files

The Filter Settings option facilitates to set filters, so that you can search the exact categories of file types. With this feature, you can include or exclude any particular category of file types by setting filters.

Automatic Cleaning of Mac Removable Devices icon

Automatic Cleaning of Mac Removable Devices

Preferences can be set to automatically remove all unwanted junk files from the device, each time the removable device gets connected to the Mac system. The software cleans the 'Thumbs.db ' file and various junk folders, such as 'DS_Store', 'Spotlight-V100', and 'RECYCLED'.

Duplicate File Finder icon

Duplicate File Finder

Software robustly scans for all duplicate files lying on the Mac hard drive. It finds & removes duplicate files from iWork, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovies and Aperture. You can recover back plenty of disk spaces by eliminating these duplicate files from Mac OS X.

Compatibility & Support icon

Compatibility & Support

Stellar Speedup Mac offers compatibility to a wide range of Mac OS X variants.
Operating System: Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion and 10.6 Snow Leopard




This Mac tool has been designed to remove unwanted applications and files from your Mac system, so that the performance of the system will be optimized. You can free remove unused Large Files, Duplicate Files, Universal Binaries, Temporary Internet Cache, Logs, System Junks, Language Files etc. You can also use the software to uninstall unwanted Applications, Widgets, and Plug-ins.


No, the software cannot restore the language files, once deleted. However, you can get them back by reinstalling the Mac OS X. Or else, if those language files belong to any application, you need to reinstall the application to get them back.


Yes, software provides this innovative feature to automatically uninstall an application, whenever dragged into the Trash. By default, the option, 'Enable Automatic Uninstaller' is 'ON' and whenever you drag an application into Trash, SpeedUp Mac Uninstaller launches popping-up a message. This option enables you to uninstall the application, instead of just deleting its supported files.


Yes, you can remove all the unwanted junk files using this software.

To do so, run the software, Click 'Speedup Mac' menu bar and go to ‘Devices’ in Preferences option. Enable the following options-


To apply scheduler preferences, follow below steps:

Run the Stellar Speed up Mac software.

Click SpeedUp Mac from the Toolbar. Click Preferences > Scheduler tab.


Yes, Stellar Speedup Mac scans for duplicate files throughout the Mac hard drive including iTunes, iPhoto, iMovies, Aperture and iWork.

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User Comments



Thanks to this software, it helped me completely removed couple of malware apps from my OS X El Capitan



Stellar Speedup Mac Family License is worth the deal.



After using Stellar Speedup Mac utility, my Macintosh HD is much lighter than before.

Miguel Hilbert


Removed junks and got back some gigabytes of my hard drive storage in a go. Ran it after a month and it again showed me up the junks being secretly created on my Mac. With months passing, it is helping me clean my hard drive in a best possible manner.

Henry P. Holm


I had no idea as to where should I begin to clean my Mac HDD. My system gave me continuous warning messages 'Your startup disk is almost full'. Thanks Goodness to Speedup Mac software, I was able to trash 9 gigabytes of useless and unused files from my system.



Compared to other Mac cleaners, Stellar Speedup Mac is safe and reliable. In past, one of the cleaner nearly corrupted my Mac be removing an important files. However, Stellar Speedup Mac knows the limit.

Larry Padilla


iRecommend this Mac cleanup software after I cleaned my iMac HDD and saved plenty of free spaces for quick startup. Now no slow downs occur on my iMac Macintosh HD, bully software runs smooth and I experiences great browsing experience with no halts or beachballs.

Charnita (MakeTechEasier)


Speedup Mac tool is a good choice for cleaning and organising up the Mac hard drive regularly.

Jose Harmon


My Mac runs much better after I removed over 2 Gigabytes of junks files using Stellar Speedup Mac utility.



My browsing on Safari and VLC media player was painful slow due to unknown reasons. I tried the free version of Stellar Speedup Mac and found significant changes in the browser’s speed. Through full version, I cleaned caches and binaries, which further improved the overall performance of VLC and Safari. This software really helps in speeding up the OS X.



My SD card was full of duplicate JPEG files. The numbers of these files were so huge I couldn't have removed them with my hands. However, Stellar Speedup Mac got them within few minutes of deep scanning of my SD card.



My mac was slow and I was wondering if it required a hardware upgrade. I took a chance with the Stellar Speedup Mac utility and it amazingly improved the performance of my Mac. This tool saved my $$$$.



Instead of exploring my Mac hard drive to remove unwanted apps, I prefer a single windows that can show me up all the installed apps on my Mac HD. From this windows, I can remove the apps I don't choose to have on my Mac. Recommended.



My iMac gasped on the free spaces until I cleaned it with the Stellar Speedup Mac tool.



I was getting spinning beach ball now and then on my Yosemite disk. Decided to get rid of it and cleaned my system with Stellar Speedup Mac. Now, spinning beach ball is a history.



A safe Mac Cleaning utility.



There is no way I should buy other mac cleaner when I can own Stellar Speedup Mac 3 licenses at just $45.



I tried many Mac cleaners but found Stellar Speedup Mac to perform exceptionally well.



Perfect Cleaning: No side effects.



The only software that cleans an external hard drive and duplicate files in an organised manner.



One of the best productive apps for Mac I found in last couple of months.


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