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Product Spec

Stellar Phoenix NTFS Data Recovery

Efficiently recovers lost, deleted, or formatted data from NTFS partitions

Professional NTFS data recovery software that recovers lost files, folders, photos, videos, documents, emails from NTFS based hard drives and volumes.

  • Recovers data from storage media formatted with NTFS/NTFS5
  • Supports NTFS file recovery for more than 185 different file types
  • Raw Recovery: Performs NTFS recovery based on file signature type
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000, and NT4(SP6)


Additional Utilities:

  • Drive Status: Shows hard drive status using SMART attributes
  • Cloning: Creates an exact replica or copy of the hard drive
  • Imaging: Creates image of your entire drive or any specific portion of the drive





This NTFS data recovery utility offers a fast and effective way to restore either some of your precious files or complete NTFS based drives in crucial instances of data loss. Lets us run down some of the exclusive features of this tool:

Quick and Efficient NTFS Recovery iconQuick and Efficient NTFS Recovery

The software performs expeditious recovery of your lost or deleted files, documents, images, emails, databases, etc. from NTFS based drives or volumes. It helps to rescue your valuable data when you have accidentally deleted files, formatted your media, or experienced a software/hardware crash

Recovers Accidentally Deleted Files iconRestore Accidentally Deleted Files

The NTFS file recovery utility proves to be handful when you need to recover files that have been inadvertently deleted or removed from the system. You can choose to perform either 'Quick Scan' or 'Deep Scan' to recover deleted files from your volume or removable media.


Recovers Data from Formatted Volumes iconRecovers Data from Formatted Volumes

TThe software can easily recover all data lost due to formatting of NTFS drives and volumes. Formatting is required at the time of severe file system corruption, which completely erases data stored on your hard drive. The software enables you to salvage your critical formatted data in all such situations.

Searches Lost or Deleted Volumes icon Searches Lost or Deleted Volumes

The software thoroughly scans your hard disk for lost or accidentally deleted volumes and recovers all data in the volume intact with the exact hierarchy and folder structure. You can select either 'Quick Scan' or 'Deep Scan' to search volumes.


Filter for Selecting, Adding, and Editing File Types iconFilter for Selecting, Adding, and Editing File Types

The software simplifies your search for lost or deleted files by allowing you to add filters based on file extensions. When you click 'File Type' on the 'Select Drive/Volume' screen, you will see a list of file types. You can select all groups and file types or include only selected file types for recovery. You can also add your own file type to the list or edit an existing file type.

Searching Files After Scanning Process icon Searching Files After Scanning Process

Using this software, you can easily search for some specific files in your scan results that you need to recover. After the scanning process is finished, click 'Find' on the 'Data Recovery' screen and provide the desired file types for search. You can also search files via other parameters, such as 'Match Case', 'Deleted Files', and 'Existing Files'.


Advanced Options for Search iconAdvanced Options for Search

The software provides you advanced options for searching files in the list of scanned items. You can choose 'Advanced Options' on the 'Find' screen and specify the 'Size' and 'Date' parameters. The 'Size' parameter has two options ('at least' and 'at most'), whereas 'Date' search gives you three choices ('Created Date', 'Last Access Date', and 'Modified Date').

Option to Resume Recovery icon Option to Resume Recovery

The software has a highly competent and flexible approach to NTFS partition recovery. You can save the scan output as an ‘.img’ file or create an image of your drive, which can be used to restart the recovery process at any convenient time.


Option to Mask iconOption to Mask

You can use this NTFS partition recovery software to apply mask for narrowing your scan output and creating a new tree structure with only a few desired files for recovery. Once the scan is completed, you can specify the masking criteria, i.e. File Type, Match Case, Date, Size, etc. and perform selective recovery of files.

Raw Recovery icon Raw Recovery

Using this feature, the software performs advanced, in-depth scan of every sector of your drive to recover files lost due to severe corruption or overwriting of file system data structures. The software does this type of recovery based on file extensions. You can select, add, remove, or edit file types for Raw recovery according to your needs. You can run Raw recovery on all types of storage media, including hard disks, volumes, CD/DVD, external USB drives, etc.

Compression while Saving iconCompression while Saving

The software gives the choice to recover files either to a local drive or to an FTP server. You can also apply compression to the recovered files in two ways. You can either choose to compress each file individually or save all your recovered files as a single compressed zip folder at any desired location.

Add-on Bonus Utilities: Apart from so many useful features, the NTFS Data Recovery tool is also studded with the following add-on utilities. Check out for these bonus features.

Imaging of NTFS Volumes iconImaging of NTFS Volumes

This NTFS recovery software effectively replicates the contents of your hard disk and volumes of the hard disk by creating its exact bit-by-bit image (‘.img’ file). You can create image of any selected region of the drive by specifying the desired disk area using sliders. You can also perform imaging for all sorts of removable media, such as CD/DVD, removable USB Drives.

Cloning of NTFS Hard Disks iconCloning of NTFS Hard Disks

This feature allows you to replicate both structure and contents of the selected media to create an NTFS drive clone. The clone created by the software can be used for backup purposes in order to avert the risk of a major data loss. The size of the destination disk used for cloning should be same or greater than the source hard disk.

Option to View Hard Drive Status icon Option to View Hard Drive Status

This NTFS data recovery utility effectively monitors your hard drive health and displays complete information about the drive, including total sectors, sectors per track, size, temperature, SMART information, and volume information

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