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Stellar Data Recovery ProfessionalIf you are facing any issues while recovering your data then readout our knowledge base articles.

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What to do if you are unable to create and activate bootable USB media through Stellar software?

Steps for how to create and activate bootable USB media in case of failure to create bootable media through software

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Why the recovered file/ folders structure is not same as original?

We explain here in this post that why sometimes your recovered files and folders structure may be different from original after recovery.

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Why my recovered files are showing empty/ 0 KB?

In some cases, the software may display the files with its actual size after the scan in the scan results. This is because the software locates files based on file-signatures but after saving the file, you may find the recovered file empty with size 0 KB.

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Free trial version of Stellar Data Recovery software recovered files but paid version didn’t. Why?

If free version of Stellar Data Recovery software recovered your files paid version would also recover. If in any case it didn't read further on this post.

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Why no preview is available after scan in Stellar Data Recovery software?

If no preview is available after scan or the software displays ‘No Preview Available’ message, this could be due to the reasons mentioned in this knowledge base.

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How to activate Stellar Data Recovery offline?

The new Stellar Data Recovery V9.0 allows Offline Activation of the software. Read further to know more...

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How to perform lost Windows partition recovery with Stellar Data Recovery software?

Stellar Data Recovery Professional software now comes with Extensive Partition Search feature that helps you locate every single partition that existed on a hard drive.

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How to recover data from an Unbootable system/ Crashed OS?

To recover data from a crashed or non-booting Windows PC and Laptop, follow these steps:

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How to recover data from BitLocker encrypted drive?

Stellar Data Recovery software recovers lost, deleted, and inaccessible data from BitLocker encrypted Windows storage media. 

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What is the possibility that corrupt photo or video files can be repaired with Stellar Data Recovery Premium?

You can repair your corrupt photo and video with stellar data recovery premium for windows. Know the possibility of repair of your corrupt files.

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Why can’t the software recover files back to the original drive?

We know data is a critical entity, so when we recover data with the help of stellar data recovery do not save on the original drive. Know the reasons behind this on this knowledge base.

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Can I run two different versions of Stellar Data Recovery at same time on my PC?

When we install stellar data recovery in different versions on same pc, then one thing that comes to mind is can we run both versions at the same time. Here find your answer in detail which will guide you in a better way.

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Can I keep working on my computer while the software is scanning my files?

Is it OK to use my computer while stellar data recovery software is scanning my files on drive to recover data? Know the actual answer about it.

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Do I need to rescan the drive after activating the Pro version of Stellar Data Recovery software?

When you scan the drive by trial version of Stellar Data Recovery Software, you do not need to rescan after upgrading to the full version to recover data. To know the procedure read this post.

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Will the files showing "No Preview Available" be recovered on purchasing the software since you mention "What you see is what you get"?

When we run Stellar Data Recovery software some files preview may not be available, but it does not mean it would not be recovered. To know the reasons why preview may not be available for some of the files after the scanning read this post.

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