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How to perform lost Windows partition recovery with Stellar Data Recovery software?

 Modified on: March 12, 2020 |    1257 views

Stellar Data Recovery Professional software now comes with Extensive Partition Search feature that helps you locate every single partition that existed on a hard drive. Use this enhanced and powerful data recovery feature to search and recover data from deleted or missing hard disk partitions.

To find and recover data from lost partition(s):

1. Download, install and launch Stellar Data Recovery Professional software.

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2. From ‘Select What to Recover’ screen, choose the file types that you want to recover and click ‘Next.’

3. Click on ‘Can’t Find Drive’ under ‘Connected Drives’ and click ‘Scan.

Cant Find Drive

Note: You can also click on ‘Click here’ at the lower-left pane of Recover From screen to begin lost partition recovery.

4. In Select Hard Drive to Search Lost Partition window, select a hard drive with lost or deleted partition(s) and click Search.

Select Hard Drive

After search, the software displays all the disk partitions that were either missing or deleted

NOTE: In case the desired partition does not appear in search, click ‘Click Here’ link at the bottom-left beside ‘Extensive Partition Search’ text to perform a comprehensive scan of selected drive for deleted or lost partition.

5. All the partitions found are listed in Select Partition to Recover Data window

Select Partiton

6. Choose any desired partition from the list and click ‘Scan.’ 

7. After the scan, select the file(s) you want to recover and click ‘Recover.

8. Click ‘Browse’ to choose a location to save file(s) and click ‘Start Saving.


2 User Comments

i intentionally created a file on my desktop and deleted it! However i tried recovering but Stellar recovery software didn't recover it. Kindly explain

Chyke Nnoch

Abdul Majid

Dear Chyke,

We understand your situation that you are unable to recover specific files.

Our team has sent you an email to know the file types that you wish to recover. Please reply to our email and we will guide you further to recover the selective file types.


User Comments



Stellar Data Recovery Professional Stellar Data Recovery Professional is a do-it-yourself data recovery software that helps you to easily recover deleted files & folders, missing or corrupt partitions and even accidentally formatted hard drives.

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