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My hard drive volumes (partitions) are not accessible in My Computer. How do I recover the data from inaccessible volumes using Stellar Windows Data Recovery?

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Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows software allows you to search and recover data from lost and deleted partitions of a hard disk. You should use "Can’t Find Drive” option from main interface to recover data from an accidentally deleted partition. This option will search and list all the deleted and lost partitions in the hard disk along with existing volumes.

Follow the steps:

  • Run >Stellar Data Recovery Professional software.


  • From Select what to recover screen, select the type of data i.e. Everything, Documents, Folders and Emails or Multimedia Files, you want to recover.


  • Click Next.
  • On Select Location screen, select "Can't Find Drive" from Other Locations.

  • Click Scan.
  • In the Select Drive section all the hard drives connected to the system are listed with their details. From this section, choose a hard drive you want to scan for lost partitions and click Search. A scan for lost or deleted partitions will be performed in the selected disk or drive.
  • Any 'lost partition' detected, will be listed in the Partition Found section.
  • From the list of partitions found, select any desired partition and click Scan to continue with the recovery process.

Note: If you can't find your desired partition in the Partition Found section, you can choose Deep Scan option to perform a comprehensive scan of the selected drive for deleted or lost partition.


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Larry Walters
August 1, 2012 01:27 am

Does not find external drive that shows up in list of devices but partitions corrupted.

Amit Pandey
August 8, 2012 06:57 am

Hi Larry,

If software does not list the drive from where you want to recover data in that case data recovery is not possible.

Amit Pandey

April 14, 2013 02:21 am

i have recovered all my pictures, incl ones (like BMPs) that i dont really want. However it is incredibly slow, and i now want to be a bit more selective about what i recover to save the time it takes. Can you advise how to restart the process.

Amit Pandey
May 16, 2013 04:39 am

Hi Nick,

The software supports selective file recovery so could you minimize the time taken to complete the scan process. You could select files of your choice to scan and recover as well as add additional file type using 'Add File Types' of this software.

To do so, go to 'Settings' button located at the top right corner > select 'Add File Types' tab > On the 'File List' screen, click the desired file types that you want to recover.

Give it a go and see if the process may able to reduce scan time and your overall experience. Don't forget to leave response/feedback about the same.


June 27, 2013 03:02 pm

My "quick" scan has been going for about 15 hours and the progress bar has barely moved. It spent all night scanning through the sectors (x out of 356017024), then restarted from zero! Is this normal? I'm worried that my already malfunctioning hard drive won't survive this much nonstop use.

Amit Pandey
June 28, 2013 04:13 am

Hi Daryl,

Quick scan is used for fast scanning and quickly recovers data. However, in your case, it seems pretty non-obvious as the scanning process is running for over 15 hours. I'm afraid that your hard drive might have some failing equipments and won't allow software's to perform recovery operation properly.

I'd recommend you to create an image of entire hard drive and later performs recovery from the created image. Image copy will includes the entire data currently stored on the drive and could be salvaged easily using the software's 'recovery from image' operation. From the software's home screen, choose advance options > Create Image > Choose Drive and click 'Create Image'. Create image copy will be listed on the recovery from image tab, choose the same image and select subsequent options for recovery such as 'Quick Recovery', 'Advanced recovery' or 'RAW Recovery'.

Don't hesitate to asks if any problem is resurfaces.

Good Luck Though!!"

July 1, 2013 05:46 pm

Amit, thanks so much for the fast reply. I'm trying what you suggested, although it seems to be the same issue - incredibly slow. In three hours it has only processed 7 mb (out of 173324!!!). At a rate of 2mb/hour, it will take forty years to finish haha! I don't blame the software though. I think the hdd may just be too damaged for software recovery.

At this point I'd be happy just to be able to see what's on the damaged disk. What would be the fastest way to simply scan the disk and see what's there? Should I try Quick Scan again? It's the hdd from my old pc, so it has a lot of stuff I don't need, like the OS files. I put it in a hdd enclosure, but my computer only recognizes it as an uninitiated disk, so I can't access it. I really just need to see one folder, so I at least know what data is lost. Thanks for any advice.

July 3, 2013 08:54 am

Hi Daryl,

HDD goes bad for sure. Lets give it a one last try!!

Put your hard drive in a plastic like bag and place it in a freezer for an hour or two. Please make sure that hard drive shouldn't be there for more than the time mentioned.

Next, pull it from freezer and plug it externally(via USB/SATA/IDE cable) to any working machine that's free from malware/trojan and fresh install the software. Now the hard drive will be listed under 'Drive Recovery' tab, choose the drive and then 'Advanced Recovery' from the pop up windows that opens automatically after choosing one of your drive. Under 'scan as' sub option, choose 'NTFS' or 'FAT' based on the hard drive current file system.

If above fails, the last resort is go with data recovery services. Pretty costlier but you got no other ways to see your data back.
You can choose any data recovery services provider around your vicinity or choose Stellar, which provides home pick and drop facility for your damaged hard drive. You can get more information about data recovery services from here:


January 14, 2014 07:12 pm

Scanning my accidentally formatted external hdd right now. With an advanced scan. He's reading a lot of clusters but hey only finds 99 entries (12 gb). Should be way more. Or am I doing something wrong and are deleted files different from files on a formatted disk?


Amit Pandey
January 16, 2014 03:40 am

Dear Ron,

We request you to provide few more details so we could serve better solution for you:

1. How much older the external hard drive is? Its overage might causing software to not proceed further and hence, shows limited files.
2. Check and make sure that the power cable and USB you're using to connect external HDD were not in damaged state or working properly. It would be better if you could try scanning the software using different cables and on the different system, if you've any.
3. Perhaps the deleted files were overwritten or heavily damaged, I'm afraid. If that's the case, you're not going to get your files back again.

I'd recommend to start a fresh scan after considering all the precautions mentioned above and see if this time you could able to see the desired deleted files.

Looking forward your progress on this.


January 24, 2015 04:21 pm

I reinstall windows on my pc but i am forget to backup the my documents folder and now i am in a jam. I install the stellar professional but i am not finding the files. Can stellar recover files from a delete and formatted partition after you do a fresh installation of windows 7 and how?

Amit Pandey
January 27, 2015 06:04 am

Hi Mark,

Stellar Partition Recovery - Professional can recover files from deleted or formatted hard drive partitions. Click on 'Click Here to Search Lost Volumes' option located under 'Drive Recovery' tab, at the bottom. Depending on the problem drive storage capacity, scanning process for deleted or lost volumes will take time. Don't pause or abort the scanning process as it'll carefully look for all the storage area of your hard drive.

Once the scanning is completed, you'll be able to see the desired lost or deleted partition that software can recover. Select any desired problem partition and choose subsequent option for recovery i.e. Quick Recovery, Deleted Recovery, Advanced Recovery etc.

You'll also able to see preview of files that you can recover before actual recovery.

Good Luck!!

September 23, 2017 02:41 pm

My SSD has become raw format. I have a clone backup of my ssd but it is very old. (About 1 year)
Is it possible to replace the MFT file from old with corrupted. Will it work or not?

Because Stellar says that "no data found"


October 3, 2017 10:09 pm

As per your concern we will contact you through email.

Warm Regards,
Stellar Data Recovery

October 3, 2018 06:26 pm

I was attempting to do a system recovery file but accidently selected my data drive on my w10. The drive then showed as unallocated, I re-allocated the drive to the same drive letter G.
I am attempting to the data on a 1 tb byte drive, there is approximately 150 gb of data on the drive, it has been recovering for 3 days, I notice that in the copy to drive, the data recovered has numerous copies, example: 16 copies of(Copy16_$volume) plus several others.
In the Stellar Tree View I see all the folders that were on the drive.
There were options earlier in the recovery (replace files) which I selected.
The recovery has been working for over 72 hours.
Currently Stellar is Saving Data (Saving Files...)
Is this normal?? or did I select the wrong options?
Please advise!
Version: Stellar Windows Data Recovery v7.0 Home-EN
Reg. Key: 0AD4-DD58-C6E5-3445-FCF4
October 3, 2018 09:29 pm


Thank you for contacting us.

We would request you to check your email as we have sent an email for further assistance.

Best Regards,

Stellar Support

UK bliss
January 25, 2019 10:51 am

I bought the stellar data recovery software to recover a lost partition. When plugging into my Mac my external hard drive I get the message 'partition map check failed because no slices were found'. I run the lost volumes scan on stellar but came back saying that no volumes were found. Does this mean there absolutely nothing to recover in the hard drive? There was a lot of data in there in photos.

January 25, 2019 12:59 pm


Thank you for contacting us.

We are already communicating on your email. Please check your email and revert us in order to assist you further.


Stellar Data Recovery

June 28, 2019 11:53 am

Hi. I already select drive which is RAW. But it came out nothing when searching partition. My external hard drive is RAW. Healthy(Active, Primary Partition). Can I still recover data files in the hard disk?

June 28, 2019 12:24 pm


Thank you for contacting us.

We are already communicating on your email. Please check your email and revert us in order to assist you further.


Stellar Data Recovery


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