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'Imaging' process takes too much time to create image of my failed hard drive. What should I do?

Author : Creative Team Updated on December 24, 2013

The time taken to create image using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is directly proportional to the number of bad sectors on your drive. It may take several hours to image a drive that is severely damaged. In this case, you can attempt to clone your hard drive using this software. You should save the clone to an external drive, and then perform recovery from this clone (if needed). 

Mentioned below is the procedure you should follow to clone your drive using Software:

 Run Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. Select 'Advance Option' tab, and then click 'Clone Drive'

 Select source and destination drives by dragging the desired drives from the left pane to the 'Select Source Disk' and 'Select Destination Disk' list boxes. Click 'Start Cloning'.

 Once the process is completed, the destination drive will contain the exact contents of the source drive.


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