Follow and verify the following steps to fix the ‘activation key not working for Stellar Data Recovery’ issue.

1. Check Installer and Re-enter Serial Number

Make sure you have downloaded the correct installer. Use the download link given in the email or visit the desired Stellar Data Recovery product page to free download the software and then activate it using the code provided on your email.

2. Uninstall All Other Versions of Stellar Data Recovery

Uninstall any version of Stellar Data Recovery software you may have installed earlier. Then re-install the desired Stellar Data Recovery software and activate it.

3. Re-Enter the Correct Serial Number Without Blank Spaces

If copy and pasting the activation code isn’t working, try to enter it manually. Sometimes, while copying, you may copy the blank space(s), which can cause software activation failure.

Entering code manually overcomes this issue. Alternatively, you may copy the code from email to notepad and then remove empty space from the beginning and end of the code. Then copy and paste the code in the activation window of Stellar Data Recovery software.

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