Yes, you can use your computer while Stellar Data Recovery Professional software scans your system drive or external storage media for lost or deleted files.

However it is not recommended since if you continue to use your system or the affected drive during the data recovery scan, the lost or deleted file may get overwritten and thus may never be able to recover.

In most cases, it is impossible to recover an overwritten file with any data recovery software or service. Further, if you keep using the system during the data recovery scan, it can slowdown the system response time. Consequently, the software will take much longer to finish the scan and recovery process.

So if you want to avoid data overwriting and maximize recovery of lost and deleted files from a Windows PC or storage media in least time, avoid using your system while it’s being scanned.

In a nutshell, by keeping your computer idle during the scan process, you can improve the chances of data recovery significantly.