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I am unable to access my partition/volume in the drive. How do I recover the data?

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You need to follow the below mentioned steps to recover the data:

  • Open Stellar Data Recovery software and click on “All Data” option Under Everything. Now Click on Next button.

Stellar Data Recovery

  • Now select “Can’t Find Drive” option under Other Location and then click Scan.

Can't find drive

  • After this, you will see all physical drives listed in software interface. Select the hard drive from which you want to recover the data and click on “Search” option.

  • All the lost volume will appear under the partitions found box. If you do not find the partition you are looking for then you can use deep scan option to search the lost partition.
  • The software scan the selected drive and lists all the found volumes as Std Vol 1, Std Vol 2 and so on. Once the scan is completed then you can choose the desired volume to like Std Vol 1 and so in Select Volume to Recover Data section.

  • Select the appropriate Std Vol and click on scan button. Software will complete the scan and list all the files, which can be recovered. You can click on Save button to save the files.



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