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Hard drive producing strange noises, What should I do?

Author : Creative Team Updated on December 24, 2013

If your hard drive generates a clicking sound almost each time it is powered on, you need to immediately stop using the drive and back up all your critical data to an external device. You may use Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery to create an image of this hard drive. Imaging is a better option than manual backups, as it takes less time and the image file has less chances of corruption. The image created by this software cannot be restored by any other tool.

To create an image of your hard drive using Software, follow these steps:

 Once you start Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, the main interface of the software appears on your screen. 

 Select the 'Advance Option' tab and click 'Create Image'.

 Choose the physical drive to be imaged in the 'Select Hard Disk to Create Image' section. A flying pane is displayed on the right. 

 Click 'Start Imaging' button on the flying pane. In the 'Save As' dialog, specify a destination and a desired name for the image file. (You should save the image on an external drive.)

 When you click 'Save' in the same dialog, the software starts the disk imaging process.

 Once the process is finished, a message is displayed. Click 'OK'.

Once an image of the drive is created, you need to replace the old hard drive with a new healthy drive, reinstall the OS, and restore this image to the new drive using 'Resume Recovery' option of the software. 

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery also enables you to clone your hard disk First off, you need to plug out the hard drive from your system and connect it to another system. The second system should have this software preinstalled. You also need to connect an external drive to the system on which you will carry out the cloning process. In order to clone your hard drive, follow the given procedure:

 Start Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. Click 'Advance Option' tab, and then select 'Clone Drive'.

 Choose the source and destination hard drives in the 'Select Source Disk ' and 'Select Destination Disk' list boxes respectively. Specify the source as your old hard drive and the destination as the new external drive. Click 'Start Cloning'.

 When the process is finished, the source disk will be cloned to the destination disk. 

You can now attach this clone to your old computer and get your system up immediately.


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