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Permanently Clear History in Firefox for Good

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    Written By Mansi Verma linkdin

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    Updated on May 23, 2023

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Summary: Read this article to learn how to delete history in Firefox. Here, we’ve mentioned the manual and automated methods to clear Firefox history. You can also auto schedule the deletion using a data erasure tool and save yourself from the hassle of manually doing the same task.

We spend hours on Firefox browsing just about anything. Browsing history, no matter how trivial or insignificant, should be deleted from the browser for multiple reasons. If you face unresponsive Firefox or site loading issues, you can try clearing your browsing data, such as cookies, cache, history, and more. Be it for privacy concerns or any browser-related issues, deleting history in Firefox can help you have a smooth browsing experience.

What is Browsing History in Firefox?

Browsing history in Firefox is a list of all the sites, and associated metadata, such as page title, URL, etc. that you’ve visited. Although the history helps you revisit previously accessed sites faster, the information gets stored on your system drive as a cache file. This cache file contains the entire browser’s app data, including cookies, history, saved passwords, web form details, etc.  

Why do you need to clear Firefox browsing history?

When you don’t delete the browsing history in Firefox regularly, it creates a log of the web pages you’ve visited so far and accumulates the information over time. This, in turn, slows down your browser. Additionally, as the history is stored on your system drive as a cache file, it consumes a good amount of space, which can ultimately lead to a slow-running PC.

Moreover, when you keep your browser history, anyone with access to your system, can easily take advantage of it and misuse it. Deleting history in Firefox will preserve your privacy from unauthorized users.

Ways to Clear History in Firefox

Here, we’ve shared both manual and automated ways to clear history in Firefox. You can try out these DIY (Do-it-yourself) methods by following the steps given against them carefully.

#1 Manually Delete history in Firefox:

  • Open Firefox and go to the Application Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security.
  • Then, scroll down and when you find History, click Clear History.
select privacy and settings in firefox settings
  • Next, you’ll see the Clear Recent History window. There, you can select all the check boxes given against options.
  • Then, from the ‘Time range to clear’ drop-down menu, you can choose to delete history in Firefox as per your preference. In the below image, we’ve selected Everything.
choose time range to clear browsing history and more
  • You will see a warning stating ‘All deleted history will not be available once deleted.’ You can also select Site settings and Offline website data to delete. Click OK to proceed.
  • The deletion will take some time to delete if there is a large number of cookies, history, and cache. Wait for a while and once done, close the window.

Automatically Clear Browsing History in Firefox When Not in Use

You can also set Firefox to clear the history automatically every time it closes. Use the following steps.

  • To do so, go to the Application menu > Settings > Privacy & Security > History.
  • Now, select Clear history when Firefox closes > Settings.
select clear history when firefox closes and open settings
  • Next, select Browsing & download history > OK.
choose active logins and other options
  • You can also select Active logins, Form & search history, Site settings, and Offline website data under Data and click OK to remove them from your history.
select site settings and offline website data to delete history and click ok

And, that’s it! Now, every time you close the browser, the history will delete automatically.  

Clear Browsing History in Firefox Mobile App

If you use the Mozilla Firefox app, you can easily follow the given steps to delete history in Firefox. It’s quite similar to removing history in the browser’s desktop version.

Follow the given steps:

  • Open Firefox App on your mobile and go to the hamburger menu given in the lower-right corner.
  • Open Settings and then scroll down to Privacy and Security.
  • There, select Delete browsing data.
choose delete browsing data under privacy & settings
  • Select Browsing history and site data. You can also select Open tabs and Site permissions. Now, click on Delete browsing data.
select browsing history and site data with open tabs and site permission to delete
  • Click Delete to confirm your action.
click Delete to confirm your action
  • Once done, close the app and your history will be deleted.

Schedule Deleting Browsing History Task in Firefox

Clearing history in Firefox is not a one-time task. You will have to keep repeating it now and then to keep your browser and system in a healthy state. But, if you want an escape from this routine, choosing specialized data erasure software, such as Bitraser File Eraser is a must-have. This DIY file eraser tool doesn’t only wipe the disk partitions, files, and folders, but also erases app traces, internet activity, browser data, and more.

Everything it erases becomes unrecoverable even when you try to recover it with a data recovery tool. It uses specialized erasure standards defined by the likes of the US Department of Defense. You can also securely wipe the other data you want to keep safe from unauthorized or malicious people. Follow the given steps to clean Firefox browsing history beyond the scope of recovery.

  • Download, install, and run BitRaser File Eraser on your system.
  • Go to Settings and follow Erase Traces > Internet Activity > Mozilla Firefox. Next, choose your account/profile.
expand internet activity and under Mozilla firefox go to user-profile
  • Select DEFAULT under your account/profile category.
expand default category under user profile
  • Now, select History & Search History. You can also select Download History, Session Restore, and Saved Login & Password options to erase. Click OK to save the settings.
select history and download history, saved logins, passwords and more in DEFAULT category
  • Now, on the software dashboard, select Scheduler > Erase Traces.
go to scheduler in BitRaser File Eraser and select Erase traces
  • Next, set Frequency, Start Date and Time, and Frequency Settings from the Scheduler screen.
select frequency, start from date and time and frequency settings
  • Click OK to set the scheduler. A pop-up will appear, showing the ‘Scheduler created successfully’ message. Click OK and you’re done with scheduling the clearing history task in Firefox.  

So, these were the ways to clear Firefox browsing history. All the methods discussed in this article are easy to follow. Follow them as instructed and you’ll be able to be done.


1. Why can’t I clear Firefox history?

If you’re finding it difficult to clear history in Firefox, there could be a problem with the places.sqllite and favicons.sqllite database in the Firefox profile folder. You can use the ‘Verify Integrity’ option on the Help page by visiting More Troubleshooting Information. If you find some errors, restart Firefox or reboot your system and retry.  Learn more.

2. Can I recover deleted Firefox browsing history?

Although deleting browsing history helps you keep your browser and system healthy and protect your privacy from prying eyes. However, if you want, you can restore your browsing history in Firefox using the backup copies that are stored in the hidden files folder named index.dat files. But if you erased the history with a specialized tool, such as BitRaser File Eraser, you won’t be able to restore it as it wipes down the data beyond the scope of recovery.

3. Who can track my browsing history?

Unfortunately, whoever has access to your device can see your history. Additionally, many websites ask you to allow cookies when you visit them, and you must accept them to get the content you’re searching for. Usually, cookies are harmless, but some are tracking cookies that monitor your browsing behavior, pattern, and more, putting you and your device at risk.

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