Mansi Verma

Technology writer with over 5 years of experience
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Mansi Verma is a Technology Writer at Stellar. She writes about data recovery, photo recovery and repair for windows and DIY tech. With over 5 years of experience in writing, she holds a demonstrated history of writing about different technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Robotics.

Mansi is pursuing a Master’s degree in business administration. During her college days, she developed interest in writing and has worked for different verticals and domains.

Besides technical writing, she loves poetry, reading and traveling. Mansi spends most of her weekends with writing poetry, reading novels and traveling to different places to keep her creative spirit alive.

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Free Data Recovery Software for Different Data Loss Situations

  Mansi Verma   December 15, 2020   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

Data loss is a severe problem, which may occur at any moment. Whenever it’s a file, picture, videos or a complete folder, losing your data may turn out to be a little frustrating; especially in the...

Top 10 Best Photo Recovery Software

  Mansi Verma   November 27, 2020   Data Recovery     Photo & Video Recovery

Data loss is inevitable and can happen due to hardware or software failure, accidental deletion, malware attack, or file corruption. Losing your prized pictures due to the above reasons could be str...

My Laptop is Not Turning On. How to Fix This Issue?

  Mansi Verma   November 11, 2020   Data Recovery     System Errors & Problems

Sometimes a laptop just won’t turn on. The power light may work, but the laptop remains in a shutdown state. This means that the system has failed to boot. There could be different reasons for this...

All you need to know about hard disks: Reasons for Data Loss and Solutions Thereof

  Mansi Verma   October 28, 2020   Data Recovery     Hard Drive Data Recovery

The data storage technology has evolved wondrously over the past few years. In a few years, we have managed to compress even 1 TB storage capacity in miniature SD cards – a stark change from the gig...

File Recovery: A Comprehensive Guide

  Mansi Verma   October 22, 2020   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

Despite the computers' apparent reliability, thousands of people lose their important files. Even the modern storage devices like HDDs or SSDs may fail unexpectedly, losing the files, folders, and o...

Hard Drive Recovery

  Mansi Verma   October 12, 2020   Data Recovery     Hard Drive Data Recovery

You know there could be reasons like accidentally pressing the SHIFT + DEL keys on Windows or Option + Command + Delete on MBP and Poof! Your data is gone forever, and the situation turns panicky. A...

10 Tips to Keep Your Videos and Photos Safe on Social Media

  Mansi Verma   October 05, 2020   Data Recovery     Photo & Video Recovery

Social media has brought us all together virtually. No matter how distant we are from each other, social media sites have made it possible for all of us to remain close. We spend a significant porti...

10 Best Free Data Recovery Software [For Windows 10]

  Mansi Verma   October 03, 2020   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

Data loss is a serious issue and far more common than you think. You may lose your valuable data under several circumstances such as transferring data, cleaning up unnecessary/junk files from the dr...

Top Data Loss Causes and Prevention Solutions

  Mansi Verma   September 21, 2020   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

We all have experienced data loss at some point. It is a serious issue not only for businesses but also for home users. Read this guide to learn the steps to recover deleted or lost data efficientl...

Lost Data During Covid-19? Recover Data with Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition Software

  Mansi Verma   September 05, 2020   Data Recovery     Windows Data Recovery

Have you lost data during the Covid-19 lockdown? Remote working sounds convenient, but it comes with its own troubles. It’s easy to lose data at home without an office IT guy immediately coming to...

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