Exchange Server Auditing Tool - Auditing of Windows Server, Active Directory & File Server

Auditing of Windows Server is required to detect changes within the systems, primarily, Active Directory, MS Exchange and File Servers. The monitoring of Windows servers helps in enhancing systems’ security and to reduce risks of unwanted changes and unauthorized access. Also, reports on auditing of Windows helps the organizations in meeting the requirements of data protection regulations.

However, to monitor Windows servers and the entire activities on Windows network is a difficult task for an administrator. Stellar Reporter & Auditor for Exchange makes this easy by providing real-time and detailed reports on various Windows server activities and user actions.

It is an automated analysis and reporting tool for administrators to perform audits and to track and analyze every critical data on Windows Server and Active Directory. The Exchange server auditing reporter software monitors the Exchange Server and lists down users who have access to other users’ mailboxes. It also generates reports which help administrators keep track of permission changes that have been applied on the mailboxes of users in an organization.

Features of Stellar Reporter & Auditor for Exchange Server

Auditing of Windows Server:

Stellar Reporter & Auditor for Exchange Server facilitates comprehensive security and auditing of Windows server environment. The software helps track user actions across various business resources, logon and logoff activities on Windows network, and monitor changes in local administrative groups, user rights, etc. The reports generated by the software also help in meeting compliance with security regulations that mandate IT monitoring .

The exchange auditing software provides complete visibility with respect to what is going in an organization’s Windows server environment by providing reports on user activities. It provides detailed configuration reports with respect to the current configuration of the server and also provide real-time alerts each time a critical change happens in Exchange Server environment. This helps administrators to stay on top of security threats

Auditing of Active Directory:

Stellar Reporter & Auditor for Exchange Server provides detailed reports regarding the current status of the Active Directory of an organization. It detects all the changes made to the Active Directory and Group policies. The software shows details of the current status of the users and groups, and their permissions in Active Directory and GPO.

The ‘Logon auditing’ feature of the software provides detailed reports of failed as well as successful attempts to log on by all the users on to critical systems, thus facilitating access control. Also, it reports ADFS logon attempts and displays the entire logon history of any user. The software also overrules the need of agents to audit Active Directory changes and logons, this ultimately makes auditing process more efficient without any downtime.

Auditing of File Server:

The software provides detailed information regarding the activities on Windows file server, including failed and successful attempts by the users. The auditing tool also provides file analysis which ultimately improves information management and data security of an organization. One of the most important features of the software is that it provides detailed information regarding who and when made the changes to the file server, and what were the specific changes that were made.

The software provides information about the exact location where the data is stored, along with details regarding who all can access the particular data. The auditing tool also tracks and reports even a large number file modifications in a limited period of time, which increases the security of file server. This helps administrators to track down any malicious activity inside an organization.

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