Abhinav Sethi

Senior Writer at Stellar with 7 Years of Experience
Experience & Education

Abhinav Sethi is a Senior Writer at Stellar. He specializes in technical communication, industry research, and data collection for subjects such as email forensics and data science.

Abhinav holds a Bachelor’s degree in engineering (IT). He has a background in software programming and digital marketing.

Abhinav has over 7 years of writing experience in different industries, including Software Development, SaaS delivery, Business Transformation, and Security and Customer Support. He has written everything from technical guides to product descriptions and all deliverables between, including context-sensitive online help systems, whitepapers, eBooks and emailers, etc.

With an affinity for solace and personal space that help Abhinav to introspect, activities like listening to post rock (which he strongly recommends to all the budding writers) and traveling come naturally to him. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his friends or his gaming rig.

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How to Monitor the Mailboxes in Exchange?

  Abhinav Sethi   November 17, 2020   Reporter & Auditor     Monitoring

With Exchange Server 2013, Microsoft introduced a new feature called Managed Availability to improve mailbox monitoring. It’s essentially an advanced monitoring system with comprehensive self-analysis...

How to Monitor the Health of Exchange Server?

  Abhinav Sethi   November 11, 2020   Reporter & Auditor     Monitoring

For IT administrators, server performance in Exchange server is of utmost importance. This article explains how you can check the server health in Exchange Server manually with PowerShell commands. W...

How to Audit Non-Owner Mailbox Access in Exchange?

  Abhinav Sethi   November 08, 2020   Reporter & Auditor     Auditing

When a mailbox on Exchange server is accessed by a non-owner, the server records this activity in a mailbox audit log (if “mailbox audit logging” feature is enabled). This log is saved as an email i...

Mailbox Size Reports in Exchange Server 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007

  Abhinav Sethi   October 21, 2020   Reporter & Auditor     Reporting

Exchange admins have to regularly monitor the mailboxes on the server to ensure business continuity. For instance, they have to keep an eye on the size and quota of different mailboxes. This is becaus...

How to Fix It When Outlook Rules Are Not Working?

  Abhinav Sethi   October 19, 2020   Email Repair     Repair PST Files

Outlook rules make email management easy by allowing you to sort, mark, and filter incoming emails. At times, you find that Outlook rules are not working when new messages arrive in your inbox. This m...

How to Save Outlook Email as a PDF?

  Abhinav Sethi   October 13, 2020   Email Repair     Repair PST Files

Sometimes, situations arise when you need to save Outlook emails as PDF files. For instance, for reporting and presentations, taking backup of your emails, or collecting evidence while conducting a wo...

IT Security Guide to Email Spoofing and Risk Management

  Abhinav Sethi   October 12, 2020   Email Forensic     Email Forensics

Email spoofing is the forging of a sender's email address to mislead the recipient on the origin of the message. Usually, the sender's intention is to deceive the recipient into opening the email me...

Email Header Fields and Their Significance in Email Forensics

  Abhinav Sethi   October 12, 2020   Email Forensic     Email Forensics

In this article, we have explained different email header fields and their role in email forensics. We have shared step-wise instructions for viewing email headers and performing email header analys...

Exchange Server Reporting - Audit Server Mailboxes, Emails, OWA Access & Mailbox Size

  Abhinav Sethi   April 21, 2020   Reporter & Auditor     Reporting

Microsoft Exchange Server is the most popular communication and email messaging platform that offers a host of features and services. s To make sure that everything is going good the server, Exchange...

Exchange Server Auditing Tool - Auditing of Windows Server, Active Directory & File Server

  Abhinav Sethi   April 21, 2020   Reporter & Auditor     Auditing

Auditing of Windows Server is required to detect changes within the systems, primarily, Active Directory, MS Exchange and File Servers. The monitoring of Windows servers helps in enhancing systems’ se...

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