Abhinav Sethi

Senior Writer at Stellar with 7 Years of Experience
Experience & Education

Abhinav Sethi is a Senior Writer at Stellar. He specializes in technical communication, industry research, and data collection for subjects such as email forensics and data science.

Abhinav holds a Bachelor’s degree in engineering (IT). He has a background in software programming and digital marketing.

Abhinav has over 7 years of writing experience in different industries, including Software Development, SaaS delivery, Business Transformation, and Security and Customer Support. He has written everything from technical guides to product descriptions and all deliverables between, including context-sensitive online help systems, whitepapers, eBooks and emailers, etc.

With an affinity for solace and personal space that help Abhinav to introspect, activities like listening to post rock (which he strongly recommends to all the budding writers) and traveling come naturally to him. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his friends or his gaming rig.

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What is Email Spoofing and How to stop Email Spoofing?

  Abhinav Sethi   April 27, 2022   Email Forensic     Email Forensics

Email Spoofing is a type of cyberattack in which a hacker tricks a recipient or a group of recipients into believing that they have received an email from someone they know or trust. It is a popular t...

Stop Email Phishing Attacks with Security Protocols [DKIM, SPF & DMARC]

  Abhinav Sethi   August 13, 2021   Email Forensic     Email Forensics

Decision-makers in the IT industry are well aware of email phishing attacks that have become rampant. These include Business Email Compromise in which companies are tricked into paying fake invoices a...

How to Merge Archive Files or Other PST Files?

  Abhinav Sethi   June 21, 2021   Email Repair     Merge Mailbox for Outlook

When you create a POP3 email account in Outlook, the application creates a PST file to store your mailbox data. If you have several archive files or PST files from different Outlook accounts, then you...

How To Fix Outlook Error 0x8004060c?

  Abhinav Sethi   May 10, 2021   Email Repair     Outlook PST Issues

When you try to send or receive an email in Outlook, you may encounter the 0X8004060c error. The exact error message may vary, but it will be similar to the message given below: “Task ‘EMAIL ADDRESS’...

How to Fix The “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened.” Error?

  Abhinav Sethi   May 10, 2021   Email Repair     Outlook PST Issues

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful email client that offers many useful features for information management. However, Outlook users occasionally run into problems with the application. For instance, the...

How to Fix when You are Unable to Open Attachments in MS Outlook?

  Abhinav Sethi   May 05, 2021   Email Repair     Outlook PST Issues

When Outlook users face difficulties in accessing or opening email attachments, it hampers their work and causes frustration. The problem may arise due to full Temporary Internet Files storage, using...

How to Export Outlook .PST File Data?

  Abhinav Sethi   April 05, 2021   Email Repair     Repair PST Files

MS Outlook, when configured with POP accounts, creates Personal Storage Table (PST) file that stores your emails, contacts, calendar, and other mailbox items on local system. However, sometimes, you n...

How to Use Get-MessageTrackingLog in Exchange Server?

  Abhinav Sethi   March 31, 2021   Reporter & Auditor     Auditing

MS Exchange has message tracking logs which admins can use to fetch message delivery details and monitor mailbox traffic. These logs are available in both on-premises Exchange and Office 365 environme...

How to Enable Mailbox Audit Logging in Exchange Server?

  Abhinav Sethi   March 22, 2021   Reporter & Auditor     Auditing

As mailboxes contain sensitive and confidential information, it becomes vital for organizations to track users who log on to the mailboxes stored on the server and the actions taken by them, such as d...

How to Remove a Password from Outlook .PST File?

  Abhinav Sethi   February 21, 2021   Email Repair     Outlook PST Issues

Outlook allows you to add a password to Personal Storage Table (.PST) file so that only those who have the password can access the file’s contents. When you password-protect an Outlook Data File (.PST...

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