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MDB file Corruption can bring unprecedented Data Loss. Get Your Corrupt MDB Files Repaired Efficiently.


Causes of
Common Error


MDB files are uniquely associated with Microsoft Access 2003 and earlier versions of this database management system. These databases are stored in Access’ own Jet Database Engine where the type of data is also subject to this engine.

The databases (*.mdb files) created in Access require immense care to be taken in order to store and maintain data properly, and for its proper functioning, such as data retrieval, data entry, data management and some like actions taken. If not, they might just get corrupt and result in failure of data access as per user requirements.

Corruption in MDB files

The corruption in MDB files is quite common and gives abnormal or random results on executing queries, while queries sometimes fail to result accordingly, mostly in cases of severe corruption in the table(s) accessed.

Causes of Corruption

Although it is quite impossible to list all the factors that cause corruption in MDB files, still we mention some common errors appeared while using MDB files followed by common causes of MDB file corruption.

Virus/Malware Attack

Computer viruses and malware are amongst major causes of files/folder and databases corruption. In such cases, infected data files get some or entire information lost or overwritten by garbage values. As a result, each data retrieval query executed gives random results. In cases of severe corruption, the corresponding DMBS fails to read the particular MDB file(s).

Power Failure/Unexpected System Shutdown

In order to run and process data properly keeping database objects intact, the computer must get proper power supply. Unexpected system shutdown or power failure might cause corruption in data files opened or being processed at that time. Consequently, there might be massive data loss or even the system boot failure.

Improper Exit/Abort of the Application

While the Access database is open or some application is using the MDB file containing the entire database of the project, closing the application all of a sudden or shutting down the PC without closing the application properly might result in database corruption. In fact, such scenarios do come into view very often.

Common Error Messages Showing MDB Corruption

The corrupt databases fail to respond in a manner you expect them to do, which actually is the normal and ideal way a database should respond to each query executed. Consequently, the application using the corresponding data also fails to function in intended way. Some common error messages flashed in such cases are mentioned below:

  • Unrecognized database format ‘path/filename.mdb.’
  • Microsoft Access has detected corruption in this file.
  • The database is in an unexpected state.
  • The database ‘filename.mdb’ needs to be repaired or is not a database file.
  • Record(s) cannot be read; no read permission on ‘xxxx’.
  • Microsoft jet database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time.

Apart from the aforementioned error messages, there must be a lot of other errors flashing while reading the corrupt Access databases. In order to get the concerned access database back to its original state, you need to repair it.

Repairing MDB Databases

In order to repair MDB database keeping its objects intact, Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair is an efficient and reliable tool. This MDB repair tool got the ability to restore tables, indexes, relations, and all other database objects. The software repairs linked tables and calculated data types with it non-destructive repair algorithms.

The most amazing feature of this MDB repair software is that it restores all deleted records while repairing the corrupt database and saves the final data to a new MDB file. To see how to repair a MDB file, follow the steps listed below using this professional MDB file repair software:

Note: Microsoft Access must be installed on the computer.

1. Run the MDB repair tool on your Windows based computer. Click Select File option to locate and choose the corrupt MDB file. Alternatively, click Select Folder to choose the folder containing corrupt MDB file.

In case the location of the corrupt MDB file is unknown, click Find Files to search for the MDB files in the drive selected in Look in menu.

2. The selected or searched MDB files will be listed in the search result box. Amongst these items, select the one that is to be repaired, and then click Repair.

The Clear List option is to clear the search result box. The path of the selected MDB file will be displayed in the Selected File Path field. Click Repair to begin.


3. With the Repair button clicked, the software starts repairing the selected corrupt MDB file. Meanwhile, it generates a log report and displays a progress bar at the extreme bottom.


4. Once the MDB file is repaired successfully, it flashes the message notifying the same.


5. Click OK and see the preview of the repaired tables and other database objects in the database.


6. Click Save in the software toolbar and select a destination to save the repaired MDB file. It should appear with the name like repair_YourDatabaseName when saved.

With the destination selected, click OK to continue.


7. Now, the software starts saving the repaired MDB file at the specified destination and you see a progress bar at the extreme bottom.


8. Once it is done saving the repaired MDB file, it flashes a message notifying the same.

With these steps, you are done completing the MDB database repair task. To avoid data loss in such events, back up your crucial files periodically.