Professional Software to Repair Corrupt MS Access Database Files

Stellar Repair for Access

Stellar Repair for Access software fixes corrupt or damaged Microsoft Access files and saves the repaired database files to their default or a user-specified location.

  • Repairs Corrupt .ACCDB and .MDB files

  • Software Repairs Tables, Queries, Reports, Forms, & Indexes
  • Supports Recovery of Macros, Modules & Relational Databases
  • Restores all Objects including Deleted Records to a new Database
  • Retrieves password-protected forms and modules
  • Supports MS Access 2019, 2016, 2013, and all previous versions

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Key Features:

Complete Access Database Repair Solution icon

Complete Access Database Repair Solution

Stellar Access Repair software is a complete fix. The tool seamlessly repairs corrupt MDB files as well as corrupt ACCDB files of the damaged MS Access database. The application address database issues from any scenario, arising due to hardware failures, software conflicts, and inconsistencies in the database design. Read More: How to repair corrupt Microsoft Access database file and recover data from it.

<h3 class='txt-hd'>Ribbon Arrangement for Easy Access of Features icon

Ribbon Arrangement for Easy Access of Features

The software interface is easy and very well organized. All the important features and options of the software are arranged in ribbon fashion at the top of the software interface so that you do not have to roam around elsewhere. These options appearing in the ribbon include, 'Select Database', 'Save', 'Stop', 'Exit', 'Find Tree Item' etc.

<h4 class='txt-hd'>Option to Select or Find Damaged Access Database File  icon

Option to Select or Find Damaged Access Database File

The software incorporates innovative options to select or find damaged Access database files from your PC. You can choose the logical drive in the 'Look in' bar where the default file type is already selected to be *.mdb or *.accdb. Check mark before the 'Find in Subfolder' box to enable the software to search in all the folders and subfolders in that particular drive. Alternately, you can go for the options - 'Select Folder' or 'Find File' also.

<h4 class='txt-hd'>Recovers the data Filled with other Languages icon

Recovers the data Filled with other Languages

The Access Database Repair software can recover the details furnished in the fields of the database tables in any other language other than English. Irrespective of the fact that you are using MS Access in English; however, you have entered data in other regional languages, Stellar Access Database Repair can fetch the details and recover them all.

Additional Advantages

<h4 class='txt-hd'>Recovers Relationships in the Database icon

Recovers Relationships in the Database

Relationships in Access database play important role by doing away with redundant data and making linking within the database. The database repair tool repairs all the details created as relationships in the damaged database and brings back them back in the recovered table.

<h4 class='txt-hd'>Retrieves Data from Linked Tables  icon

Retrieves Data from Linked Tables

If an Access database is linked to tables in another database (can be from a different source other than MS Access) gets corrupt or damaged, the tool can easily recover data from these linked tables. This enhances the usability of the software beyond the limitation of only one database file.

<h4 class='txt-hd'>Shows Preview after Scanning  icon

Shows Preview after Scanning

The Access database repair software enables you to verify the scanned objects for consistency checking by offering preview of each of the database components in the main interface. For all tables, the tool displays two columns in the right pane for previewing 'Table Data' and 'Column Information' separately.

<h4 class='txt-hd'>Finds Items in the Scan Tree icon

Finds Items in the Scan Tree

The 'Find Tree Item' option on the ribbon allows searching for the desired objects in the long list of scanned items. With this feature, you can choose to go for previewing and recovering only selected objects in your Access database to save significant time.

Recovers Deleted Records icon

Recovers Deleted Records

Stellar Access Repair tool has an exclusive option to allow recovery of all deleted records in the database. To do this, you need to choose the option 'Scan for deleted records' at the base while selecting the database file for repair.

Saves Repaired File at User-specified Location icon

Saves Repaired File at User-specified Location

After you repair the Access file, the software facilitates two convenient options for saving the repaired database file. You can either choose its default location or select any new folder on the computer to save the file. By default, all the database objects repaired are selected for saving.

Supports Recovery of all Access Database Objects  icon

Supports Recovery of all Access Database Objects

Stellar Repair for Access takes a holistic approach in its repair. The tool is efficient enough to repair almost all corruptions occurring in database objects, such as Tables, Deleted Records, Forms, Macros, Linked Tables, Indexes, Modules, etc. With this tool on hand, you can rest assured of a complete Access database recovery.

Covers all Common Access Database Corruption Errors  icon

Covers all Common Access Database Corruption Errors

Access database throws a number of minor or major errors. The powerful scan engine of Stellar Access Repair fixes all commonly encountered errors, such as 'unrecognized database format', 'file.mdb is not a database file', 'Microsoft Jet database engine fails to find the object', and many others.

Support & Compatibility  icon

Support & Compatibility

The software is compatible with the following Microsoft products:

  • MS Access: 2019/2016/ 2013/ 2010/ 2007/ 2003/ 2002/ 2000
  • Operating System: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7/ Vista / 2003 / XP

Try Stellar Repair for Access to Repair Corrupt MDB & ACCDB Files

*Free download to scan & preview recoverable database objects.

Software Specifications

Stellar Repair for Access

System Requirement

ProcessorPentium Class

Operating SystemWindows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP

Memory1 GB Minimum

Hard Disk50 MB of Free Space

Software Delivery


License & Version

Single User LicenseCan use only on a single system

Technician LicenseCan be used on '3' Systems Simultaneously


Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish


Yes, the software is capable of recovering linked tables.

Yes, Stellar Repair for Access provides you with an exclusive feature to allow you scan your Access database for deleted records.
Click here: How to Recover Deleted Records from MS Access Database

Yes, the software can easily repair databases in Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and many other language versions. For example, If you are using the Spanish version of Microsoft Office and your corrupt Access database file is in Spanish, the software can smoothly repair your database without errors. However, the instructions and other text on the interface will show up in US English.

No, you need to make sure that the database is not in use while the software is carrying out the process.

Demo version lets you view all recoverable items; however, for full recovery, you need to buy the software and of course scanning will be done again.

You need to follow below steps to repair corrupt .mdb file using Stellar Repair for Access:

  • Download and install the demo version of software.
  • Select the corrupt .mdb file that you want to repair.
  • Click on the 'Repair' button to initiate the scanning of selected corrupt .mdb file.
  • After scanning successfully; a dialogue box will be open 'Repairing process successfully completed'. Click on 'OK' to proceed.
  • Now, you can see the preview of your corrupt .mdb file.
  • Go to the 'File' under menu and select 'Save' to save the repaired database.
  • Choose location: default location of file & Select new folder to save and click 'OK' to finish.

Yes, MS Access should be installed on your computer before saving the recovered Access database using Stellar Repair for Access.

The message implies that your database is now free of corruption and can be easily recovered. This message shows up when the software has scanned your entire database and repaired possible corruption in the database objects. You can save these objects at desired location in your system.

The error indicates that MDB file is corrupt. You need to repair the file as early as possible with the help of Stellar Repair for Access.

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