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Why does my computer crash randomly?

Summary: In this article, we will explore the most common causes of computer crashes and discuss the possible resolutions and best practices. If you happen to lose your data due to computer crash, then you can opt for a professional data recovery software like  Stellar Data Recovery Professional. This way, your valuable data will remain intact. You can download the software from the button below

A computer crash generally consists of instances like random blue screens and shut-downs, blank screen without warning, screen freeze-ups, etc. If not addressed on-time, these crashes can lead to loss of data and permanent breakdown of your laptop.

Below are the main causes of computer crashes and the ways you can fix them.

1. Heat issues

Heat is the most common cause of computer crashes. This happens when your laptop or PC isn't getting sufficient airflow. This will make the hardware too hot and the device will crash.

Every computer is fitted with a tiny fan, which acts against this generated heat. This fan too can get clogged with dust and other particles like hair, food crumbs, etc.

How to fix heat issues?

a. The best approach is to clean the computer fan on a regular basis. This way, the items which block the air vents (that cause heat issues) are removed and it can prevent your computer from crashing.

b. You should listen to the fan of your computer. If the computer is being worked up too much, the sound which is generated from the fan will be greater in volume. In such scenarios, it is probably best to shut down the computer for some time, allow it to rest, before using it again.

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2. Hardware issues

If you are facing frequent crashes like shutdowns or freezing then it might be because of hardware issues. One major cause is the corruption in 'operating systems registry'. An operating system registry is an archive carrying configuration settings of your Windows hardware and software. If this registry is corrupted, then it can cause your computer to crash.

Another common hardware issue is a fault with your driver. This means that there are bad sectors in your hard drive. Windows will generally give you warning notifications that something is wrong with your hard drive and a crash might occur.

Hardware issues can also be contributed to misconfigured hardware components, installed on your computer.

Your hardware can also crash due to insufficient RAM. E.g. If you try to install and play 3D and other high-end games on a PC with low RAM.

Hardware crashes can also occur if you modify the BIOS settings on your PC. BIOS stands for Basic Input/output system. When you start your computer, the device boots the BIOS. This way the device configures your hardware. If you modify the BIOS then it can cause your computer to crash.

How to fix hardware issues

a. Use 'Registry cleaner software' to fix the 'operating systems registry' issues. This should restore your system.

b. For driver issues, it is advisable to reinstall Motherboard and Graphics (which are common drivers in your computer). The process can be accelerated by using a 'driver installation software'.

c. It is also advisable to regularly update your driver. E.g. if the video drivers in your PC are not up-to-date, then it can crash your computer when you launch a video game.

d. Sometimes, the computer doesn't accept the additional hardware components that that we install. The PC doesn't work properly and it frequently crashes. In such scenarios, it is recommended to remove those additional hardware components.

e. You can upgrade your RAM if you feel that you are not getting optimum hardware performance from your PC.

f. A crash, caused by modification in BIOS setting can be fixed by removing the CMOS and putting it back after sometime. CMOS stands for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor and is a part of your system's hardware.

3. Software issues

Contrary to the popular belief, computer crashes aren't mainly caused by malfunctioning or corrupt software. If a program is behaving unexpectedly, then your computer will recommend that you close the application and/or shut down the computer. It won't allow the entire system to get affected.

Nevertheless, software crashes do happen and they are mainly caused by software bugs or malicious viruses.

How to fix software issues?

a. The bugs in the software can occasionally freeze your system. When this happens, restart your PC.

b. In Windows (Vista and above OS versions), there is a built-in 'readability' feature which allows you to see the cause behind computer crashes. This way, you can be better equipped on how to deal with the situation.

c. It is advisable to regularly update your Operating system. These updates consist of latest security patches, fixes on software bugs, new features, etc. These updates will prevent software crashes.

4. External issues

Faulty USBs, gaming consoles and other external devices connected to your laptop can sometimes cause your computer to crash. External issues also include power outages or surges, which fail to deliver adequate voltage to the computer.

How to fix external issues?

a. Remove all externally connected devices and see if the computer is working properly.

b. To handle power issues, you can use a power unit that can supply uninterrupted electricity over optimum voltage to your computer.

Data Recovery due to computer crash

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As explored above, computer crash can be caused by a variety of reasons. It is important to protect your computer against such crashes and follow the best practices and resolutions (as discussed above). If you suffer data loss due to computer crash, then you can try Stellar Windows Data Recovery Professional software, a professional tool to recover any type of data. Download the software from the link below

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