XFS partition recovery software for all versions of SUSE Linux

Stellar Recovery for XFS

Stellar Recovery for XFS software is proficient at recovering lost, deleted, or inaccessible files from XFS based volumes and hard drives. This tool recovers files & folders from a lost or inaccessible logical volume and data lost due to formatting or repartitioning.

  • Recovers lost data from XFS volumes

  • Recovers lost logical volumes
  • Shows preview of files before saving
  • Recovers data from formatted XFS volumes
  • Allows resuming the recovery process
  • Supports all versions of SUSE Linux

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Key Features:

 XFS Data Recovery  icon

XFS Data Recovery

The software can repair file system errors due to power loss, bugs, or hardware failures. It can recover your data from any inaccessible XFS volume without compromising its integrity or modifying file properties. You can also perform recovery from external storage devices, including USB drives and memory cards.

Searches Lost Volumes from Hard Drive icon

Searches Lost Volumes from Hard Drive

The software facilitates searching for logical volumes that earlier existed on your drive, but have disappeared now as a result of formatting, repartitioning, or accidental deletion. Once the logical volume is found, you can proceed with recovery using the normal procedure.

 Quick Recovery icon

Quick Recovery

'Quick Recovery' option of this tool performs fast scan that sequentially reads every bit of data stored on your hard drive. It recovers traces of lost or deleted files within your storage media and gives you an exact replica of the original information present on the selected drive. Quick Recovery can be performed on existing volumes, lost volumes, or removable media.

 Advanced Recovery icon

Advanced Recovery

Advanced Recovery is a far more reliable option to recover data from formatted XFS volumes. It does extensive scanning of the formatted volume or removable media to give you accurate results in the first attempt. You may opt for this option when 'Quick Recovery' fails to show all of your volume data.

  Adding File Filter icon

Adding File Filter

If you do not require saving all of the scanned files, you can set a filter to save only some specific type of files in the selected folders. You can do this by clicking 'Add Filter' on the 'Choose Destination' screen and then specifying the file types to be included or excluded from the output.

  Save Scan icon

Save Scan

When you are finished with scanning your media, you can choose to save the scan information to recommence recovery at any later point of time. The option to perform recovery at any convenient time reduces a lot of effort on your part.

Additional Advantages

 Saving Options icon

Saving Options

You can save the recovered files to any local drive in your system or to an FTP server. You can also apply compression either to each file individually or to a folder containing all the recovered files. This will help to save a good amount of your disk space.

Preview of Files Before Saving icon

Preview of Files Before Saving

This XFS file recovery software shows preview of files after scanning in a three-pane window. The left-most pane gives you a list of all scanned folders, the bottom-right pane shows all files contained in a particular folder, and the top-right pane displays the preview of the selected file.

Try Stellar Recovery for XFS to recover data loss on your XFS volumes

*Free Download allows you to preview your data after scanning.

Software Specifications

Stellar Recovery for XFS

System Requirement

ProcessorPentium Class

Operating SystemWindows 7/Vista/XP

Memory512 MB

Hard Disk50 MB

Software Delivery


License & Version

Single User LicenseCan install the software on a single system


Interface Available

Language Supported


The Demo version of the tool lets you scan your storage media and preview files in the main interface. For saving the recovered data to your system, you need to purchase the product

'Quick Scan' performs faster scanning of the selected media, whereas 'Deep Scan' performs a thorough sector-wise scanning of the drive. Deep Scan usually takes longer than Quick Scan, but always yields satisfactory results.

The software supports a broad range of file types, including image files, audio/video files, Office documents, backup files, archive files, Internet files, and miscellaneous files.

Yes, the software facilitates selective recovery of files. You can choose files to be recovered after completion of the scan by marking checkboxes against the file names and then recover them to a user-specified location.