Best Hard Drive Recovery Software 2018 – Editor’s Choice

Windows hard drive Recovery

Windows Hard Drive Recovery

Hard drive recovery software for Windows to recover data from lost or inaccessible hard drive partitions, USB, Memory card and Digital Camera. Read More

Mac Hard Drive Recovery

Mac Hard Drive Recovery

HDD Recovery Application for Mac OS X that efficiently salvage data from HFS, HFS+, exFAT, NTFS or NTFS5 hard drives as well as external storage media. Read More

Linux Hard Drive Recovery

Linux Hard Drive Recovery

Linux hard drive recovery utility can recover lost data from EXT Volumes and employ deep scanning to recover documents, photos, audio, videos etc. Read More

  "Awarded The Best Data Recovery Software"

Features & Benefits


Hard Drive Recovery


Hard Drive Recovery


Hard Drive Recovery


Complete Data Recovery
Recovers all the traces of data


Photo Recovery
Recovers lost or deleted photos from both internal & external drives


Deleted Files Recovery
Recover lost or deleted files


Documents Recovery
Recover lost or deleted documents


Free Preview
Free preview of all recoverable data


Supports External Media
Recover data from any external hard drive


Advanced Partition Recovery
Recover lost or deleted partitions of any size


Raw Recovery
Searches data in drives based on file signatures


E-mail Recovery
Scan drive to recover lost emails data file


File System Supported
Recover data from list of file system

FAT, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32,






OS Compatibility
Supported Operating system

Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1,
Windows 7, Vista, XP


macOS High Sierra,
macOS Sierra, OS X El Capitan​
and others


Linux , Ubuntu, Knoppix,




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  2. How to perform failed external hard drive data recovery?
  3. How to recover data from a damaged or corrupt hard drive?
  4. Windows wont start, how can I restore files?
  5. External Hard Drive not recognized’ Error, can I fix this?
  6. How do I recover files from raw hard drive?
  7. How do I Recover Accidentally Formatted Hard Drives?
  8. How to Fix Hard Disk Failure Problems?
  9. How to recover files from external hard drives?
  10. Dropped Hard Drive, now Computer wont read. How do I Restore Files?
  11. How to Deal with Hard drive clicking noise?
  12. How to Fix Hard Drive error ‘Inaccessible Hard Drive: Access is denied’?
  13. How to Fix Hard Drive Bad Sectors?
  14. Required files are still missing after scanning hard drive using recovery software?


  1. Q: My external hard drive wont show up, what are the fixes?
    Answer: If hard drive has suffered some serious damages like power surges, malware injection, file system damages etc., you might not able to access as the drive itself isn't visible. In worst circumstances, you might not able to access it even after connecting externally.

    You can try SATA/USB cable to connect the problem drive externally or to another computer. This problem may occur due to bad connective media and simply replacing it will do the trick. Additionally, you can visit to 'Disk Management' (in case of Mac "Disk utility") and see if the problem drive or partition is listed as 'Healthy' or 'Active'. If you are lucky, you might able to locate the desired drive and start recovering data using one of the most powerful and recommended hard drive recovery software from Stellar Phoenix.

    Else, the drive has been physically damaged and you'll need to seek data recovery experts and they can guide you further. If you are stuck in such situations, call us NOW: +1-877-778-6087

    Q: How to Perform Failed External Hard Drive Data Recovery?
    Answer: Stellar Phoenix hard drive recovery tools supports recovering files from internal as well as external hard drives that are damaged or no longer accessible. You can easily locate the desired drive in 'Drive Recovery' section under 'Data Recovery' tab. Click to choose your problem hard drive and select recovery methods like 'Quick Recovery', 'Deleted Recovery' or 'Advanced Recovery'. RAW Recovery method will be your last resort if all else recovery methods have failed to salvage files or folder you're trying to recover.

    Scanning time is highly affected by the drive capacity and level of corruption. You'll need to wait till the scanning completed after which, you can see preview and save recoverable documents or files.

    Note: There are list of devices has been supported by the software: Internal or primary hard drive, external hard drive, Flash drive, USB Device, Flash Drive Device, Digital Camera, all popular card storage type, optical media. .

    Q:How to recover data from a damaged or corrupt hard drive?
    Answer: Logically damaged hard drive can be seen or detected by our utility and hence recovery is possible. Whereas, physically damaged hard drive signified to more severe level of corruption and cannot be handled by the software. Recovering data from physically damaged hard drive requires special equipment's and lab experts (Class 100 Clean Room) to salvage files.

    You can easily recoverable files from logically damaged hard drive using our software. Use the steps mentioned previously to perform logically damaged hard drive recovery.

    Q:Windows wont start, how can I restore files?
    Answer: Check if you are giving proper supply to computer system and there is no lose connection between monitor and CPU. If these solutions are not fixes the problem, you may seek some alternatives to recover data like HDD Recovery software.

    Disconnect and connect drive externally on different computer as a secondary storage device and install our software. HDD Recovery Software will detect the drive and lets you perform scanning on the storage device. You may able to recover complete data from unbootable system hard drive. Once you recovered hard drive data, perform clean install to begin using the system from scratch.

    Q:'External Hard Drive not recognized' Error, can I fix this?
    Answer: Below mentioned are the common fixes you can try if the hard drive is not recognized:

    1. Change drive letter name(C drive, E Drive etc.) from disk management
    2. Boot into safe mode and see if you can access drive. If so, you’ve any malicious programs installed that conflicting with drive accessibility.
    3. Try running check disk utility. Right click on the problem drive or partition, navigate to ‘Tools’ tab and click on ‘Check Now’ button.’

    Q: How do I Recover Files from Raw Hard Drive?
    Answer: A hard drive becomes RAW due to file system or directory structure corruption. You cannot simply access RAW hard drives without formatting which may leads to permanent data loss circumstances. It's recommended to recover your files first using Stellar Phoenix Program and once the desired files have been recovered, you can simply format it to start using it further.

    Follow below mentioned steps to recover data from RAW Hard Drives:

    1. Start Stellar Phoenix Hard Drive Recovery Software from the desktop.
    2. Click on the problem drive and choose recommended recovery methods i.e. Advanced Recovery. Select the radio button for FAT or NTFS drives separately, placed just below the ‘Advanced Recovery’ method.
    3. Wait till the software complete scanning process. You’ll able to see previews of recoverable files before actual recovery.
    4. Select any or all the desirable files and folders and click on ‘Recover’ button placed at the lower right corner.
    5. Navigate to location where you want to save the recovered files and folders. Click ‘OK’ to proceed.

    Q: How do I Recover Accidentally Formatted Hard Drives?
    Answer: You can recover data after hard drive format using our software, separately available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Following are the steps to recover hard drive data:

    1. Start Software click on ‘Drive Recovery’ option under ‘Data Recovery’ tab.
    2. Select formatted hard drive listed with label and click on any standard scan option.
    3. Software will scan and list all the recoverable files and folders deleted due to accidentally formatting hard drive.
    4. Select desired files using the check box and click on recover button to save the recovered files.

    Q: How to Fix Hard Disk Failure Problems?
    Answer: Hard Disk Drive involves moving equipment's which is supposed to fail either sooner or later. Any failed equipment can result in complete hard disk failure. Besides failing equipment, there are other factors that contribute in majority towards hard disk drive failure:

    1. Firmware corruption
    2. CPU Fan stopped working
    3. Power failure
    4. Mechanical or Internal failure
    5. Corrupted Files

    For more details on hard disk failure along with their possible fixes, you can read out the detailed article at below URL:

    Q: How to Recover Files from External Hard Drives?
    Answer: As mentioned in the last question, external hard drive will also be listed under 'Drive Recovery' option and software lets you easily recover files from it.

    Dropped hard drive, now computer wont read. What to do now?
    Dropping or throwing hard drives can result in serious damages. Most of the drives become permanently inaccessible and if you are lucky, drive might get shows up in the system and our hdd recovery program can detect it as well as allow recovering files from it. Software facilitates easy to use and flawless recovery methods to recover all your important files from RAW Hard drives without any trouble.

    Q: How to Deal with Hard Drive Clicking Noise?
    Answer: If you are hearing clicking or grinding noise out of the internal or external hard drives (weather of laptop or desktop), it's a clear sign of mechanical or physical hard drive failure. Start taking backup of important data and purchase another hard drive to stay out of any troubles.

    Once the drive has mechanically or physically failed, there will be no options available other than using Data Recovery services.

    How to Fix Hard Drive error 'Inaccessible Hard Drive: Access is denied'?
    Answer: You can read the full article at the below URL about this particular error message:

    Q: How to Fix Hard Drive Bad Sectors?
    Answer: Hard drive may develop bad sectors over the course of uses and prevent smooth functioning of your PC or accessibility of stored data. Large number of bad sectors on hard drive leads to permanent hard disk failure and compromise safety of all the stored data.

    You can use hard disk monitoring utility such as S.M.A.R.T. to check total number of bad sectors along with various other hard drive attributes. You can get a roughly idea about how much total time you've before the drive fails eventually.

    It's advised to take regular backups of important data and distribute backup copy to at least three places. This will ensure data availability even if the primary backup source fails or become unavailable.

    Q: Required files are still missing after scanning hard drive using recovery software?
    Answer: If the desired files are missing after standard scan procedures, you can dig deeper with our promising HDD recovery software. In case the standard scan procedure doesn't yield desired results, you can try other powerful recovery methods like Advanced Recovery or RAW Recovery. These attempts will look on every sector of the hard drive and recover data even from the severely corrupt or inaccessible storage media.

    Note: These attempts will take longer period of time but generally produce more accurate and refined results, so be patience.

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